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Life altering events June 15, 2008

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Ten Things that have forever changed my life–and how I view life–for better or worse:

  • The birth of our three children,who have brought innumerable joys and worries at the same time– now adults, I have to admit;
  • The tragic, sudden, inexplicable death of my nephew at age 11, now nine years ago;
  • Starting college at age 40 and sharing classes with my children’s friends;
  • Rafting the Colorado River for 5 days with my family, sleeping in canyons in thunder and lightning storms, without any form of communication with the outside world, and a bucket for a toilet, the contents of which rode in the raft with us;
  • Beginning a second career as a teacher, after serving 14 years on a Board of Education and raising a family;
  • Spending time in Brooks Falls, Alaska, among the grizzlies and watching them tear salmon to shreds, in the same place that Timothy Treadwell became bear scat;
  • Saying good-bye to my father at 88 years old and grieving way too many children who didn’t make it 1/4 as far in years;
  • Spending a week at a totally “green” school with my daughter on Cape Eleuthera, where we collected water, slopped the pigs, took 5 minute showers, didn’t flush(!), drank warm water, washed dishes by hand, and snorkeled in crystal clear, turquoise Bahamian waters!
  • Being ultimately surprised by my crazy, wonderful family when they presented me with a red-hot Mustang GT convertible for Mother’s Day!
  • Did I say marrying the love of my life at age 19 and still being in love with him 30 years later?

I quite possibly may expand of some of these life-altering events in future posts, but just needed to get this list out right now!!!


8 Responses to “Life altering events”

  1. Christian Says:

    I keep the framed photos you gave me of the Island School teacher conference right on my desk. It is super special that the week in the Bahamas made your list; it reminds me to appreciate the people who have shared in this adventure and the short time we have here. You clearly do, and are a role model for it (add that to the list of your jobs!). Congratulations on starting your blog!

  2. everydaywomanusa Says:

    Blogging IS a great way to reconnect! My experiences at the Island School totally changed the way I think about living life and those pictures are always in my mind . . . as well as posted in school so that I can share with others. Thanks so much for making the Island Experience so incredible for me . . . and so many others, especially the students who come to learn there! You were and are instrumental in making this happen! All the BEST!

  3. Mary Ellen Says:

    Hay Ruth,
    My niece Becca is going to Madagasgar in Sept. I think you and Abbie would enjoy checking out TALK about roughing it !! Becca is in the process of learning how to dive as they dive at least once a day. Love both the blogs !

  4. everydaywomanusa Says:

    Mary Ellen,
    Thanks so much for the info! I will definitely check out as it sounds like Becca will be doing similar work to save reefs there as we did in Eleuthera! While we were there, Abbie did do some scuba and diving off cliffs, but I pretty much stuck to snorkeling, swimming, running, and biking, which was exciting enough for me!

  5. everydaywomanusa Says:

    OK, it seems that Everyday Woman has left something off this list of Top Ten Life-Altering Events, as I’m taking some heat from my beloved big sister! So, here’s #11, in HER words.

    My AMAZING sister:

    …Welcomed a newborn (me!) to the family when she was 15 yrs. old (and I think she may have missed going to a prom due to my untimely birth…sorry!)
    . . .Shared her boyfriends with me (I know I was the little, pesty sister!)
    . . . Allowed them to shower me with gifts (Oh, there were some GREAT Christmas gifts from her boyfriends, especially the ones trying to impress her!)
    . . .Took me on little excursions (I loved Bronx Zoo and the beach!)
    . . .Kept me from choking on Styrofoam (thank you, belatedly!)
    . . .Dealt with me during my wedding jitters (and I admit I wasn’t always so easy-going!)

    and . . .she says that she watched me grow into an amazing woman who obviously has too much time on her hands!! (and who is giving up sleep to update this!)




  6. everydaywomanusa Says:

    Oh, and I also forgot, big sis is green, too. She said: “I went green again today and purchased a shopping bag at Marshalls for 99 cents to carry all my bargains in!”

  7. Dotty Says:

    Does Al know he is on the bottom of your list? What is his cell # ?

  8. Oh, you must know, I was saving the BEST for last!

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