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Okay, just to spice things up a bit, I’ve decided to give away this awesome, 100% organic cotton T to a deserving someone!

"Being GREEN is HOT!"

"Being GREEN is HOT!"

This awesome cap-sleeve T from “No Boundaries” is made from 100% certified organic cotton, grown by farmer-owned co-ops, without using any pesticides or defoliants . . . just fresh water, sunshine, and bio-based fertilizers . . . the way nature intended!

If can be yours if:

  • you add a comment about what you’re doing to live a “green” life (in a little way or a big way!)


  • your post is chosen in a random drawing!




19 Responses to “ORGANIC T-SHIRT GIVE-AWAY!!!”

  1. Green Mamma Says:

    Our family is cutting back on paper product use by choosing cloth napkins instead of buying paper towels. I love the cute t-shirt? Did you create the iron on?

  2. everydaywomanusa Says:

    Using cloth napkins instead of paper is both eco-friendly and fashionable, Green Mamma! Great tip!

    Actually the organic, cotton T came already printed with the cute logo. Thanks for getting this contest off the ground and running!

  3. farmersdaughterct Says:

    Um, sorry, Mom. I’d sign up but I have this shirt!!!

  4. everydaywomanusa Says:

    Of course you do, Farmer’s daughter, you eco-fashion-conscious thing! I should know it’s good style if you own it! How ’bout others . . . what are you doing to live in a green way?

  5. bunnyb Says:

    What a cute tee! I love our planet and I live green by using Envirosax’s shopping bag when going shopping all the time! 🙂

  6. everydaywomanusa Says:

    bunnyb~ thanks for entering the drawing! I also LOVE Environsax’s bags and may have to do a give-away with them soon! They’re not only environmentally-friendly, they’re quite fashionable, too!

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  8. lisa brawner Says:

    I recycle old clothes in variety of ways to keep them out of landfills . They are cut up into rags —turned into shopping bags –made into mittens and leg warmers and fingerless gloves. I felt old sweaters and turn into dolls. I have been giving the shopping bags away to friends so they can in turn not use plastic bags.

  9. everydaywomanusa Says:

    What a great, clever, generous friend you must be to have! Thanks for the ideas! I recently got the cutest bag, made out of an old tank-top at a Farmer’s Market~ stretchy and cute at the same time! It made me think I should make some myself. Love your creativity!

  10. Mary Jenkins Says:

    being a vegetarian, using totes instead of plastic bags and sharing a car with my husband! I’m having a giveaway too. I’d love it if you came by!

  11. everydaywomanusa Says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments. Sharing a car would probably be the most challenging for me! I’ll be swinging by momville!

  12. Elizabeth M. Says:

    We put up a clothesline so we can stop using our dryer, we use a programmable thermostat, we use totes instead of bags and/or refuse the offer of a bag, I’ve gone vegetarian and my daughter is vegan, and we recycle anything and everything we can.

  13. Whew, Elizabeth! You’re in! Thanks for your very impressive green ways!

  14. Rosa Washington Says:

    Our home is pretty green, we recycle bottles and cans, then at the end of the year donate the funds from recycling to the San Diego Zoo. We also use environmentally friendly cups, detergents, and totes instead of bags at the supermarket. Further, though our family could use a bigger car, we refuse to purchase a gas swallowing SUV.

  15. Rosa~Thanks for your splendid contributions. Hope you’re feeling lucky!

  16. Chile Says:

    The one green thing I do that probably has the biggest impact is eating a vegan diet. Next up would be minimizing driving. Then, you know, all the standard stuff – reduce water and energy use, reuse everything possible (including greywater), repair and repurpose, and then, as a last resort, recycle.

    Oh, and you can send me that wineberry pie instead of the shirt. 😉

  17. Chile~I feel honored that you visited my new site! I’ve been a faithful follower of your blog since “Farmer’s Daughter” introduced me to it! Love it! I feel like I’m “green” in this (in a novice kind of way!) and so respect your work! So sorry to say, the wineberry pie has already been devoured! Yum!!!

  18. farmersdaughterct Says:

    Sorry, Chile. Time’s up and the wineberries are all gone.

  19. Chile Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO! I neeeeed wineberries. Okay, actually, I’ve never had a wineberry, but I love berry pie. And ice cream. Did ya have ice cream with it? …droool…

    And, pshaw, “my work”? LOL. I’m amazed anybody listens to me blathering on (and on and on and on…)

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