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“Green is the new Black!” July 23, 2008

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I just love Sophie Uliano’s book, Gorgeously Green! 

My daughter told me it was a must for my summer reading list–and she was right!  It’s all about going green in a gentle, gradual way, one step at a time, in a way that doesn’t take over your whole life, but will surely transform it! 

Uliano says, “Women like me tend to be more interested in their compact than their compost.  We never forget a hair appointment yet always forget our reusable shopping tote.  Many of us think the whole green way of life will be tedious, time-consuming, and even boring.  Wrong!  I have found out that caring about this planet doesn’t have to be granola/hippie stuff.  On the contrary, it’s the most exciting, colorful way in which we could possibly live.  After all, green is the new black, and we’re going to be wearing this shade for a long time.  Going green is not a fad that is going to fade; with temperature and pollution levels on the rise, it is becoming a way of life.”

Uliano recommends  taking baby steps and choosing just one thing at a time to do.  Here are five simple suggestions to kick-start a green lifestyle:

  1. Get yourself a reusable shopping tote. (Envirosax pouches are compact and fun!)
  2. Use a reusable water bottle and coffee cup.  (My favorite is SIGG!)
  3. Wear an organic T-shirt. (Why not enter my  give-away drawing?)
  4. Visit your local thrift shop and buy one item to wear.
  5. Send an e-card.

Pick just ONE of these ideas and try it out TODAY!!!

Oh, and did I tell you who else loves Gorgeously GreenJulia Roberts, who says she has been “absolutely altered” by Sophia’s book.  In fact, Julia Roberts wrote the foreward in the book, saying, “This Gorgeously Green book has provided my household with a bible of hope and help –not to mention a good cleansing mask and a source for eco-chasmere.”  Julia definitely puts the GORGEOUS in GREEN, and although I admit this is basically a “primer” book for a green lifestyle, it’s definitely a great place to start!


4 Responses to ““Green is the new Black!””

  1. Nat Says:

    Ruth – I love your blog! I have Animal Vegetable Miracle on my bookshelf but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’d also recommend Harvest For Hope (Jane Goodall), What To Eat (Marion Nestle), and Cradle to Cradle. Hope you’re doing well!!

  2. everydaywomanusa Says:

    Nat~ Thanks so much for your recommendations! Do make time for “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle!” Abbie also passed this one on to me (how’s that for recycling?) and I’m thinking of something that Barbara Kingsolver said in her book about farmers’ children really appreciating the need for rain, as the thunder is rumbling in the background and I’m hoping the skies will open up soon. We need it so much!

    I’m also thinking of you too, Nat, and how fortunate England is now to count you as one of its residents!

  3. farmersdaughterct Says:

    I’ve got Harvest for Hope if you want that one, too 🙂

  4. everydaywomanusa Says:

    I’d love to borrow it! Might you be up to writing a review to share?

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