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Green “Word of the Day” July 25, 2008


Sustainability is a characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitely. The term, in its environmental usage, refers to the potential longevity of vital human ecological support systems, such as the planet’s climatic system, systems of agriculture, industry, forestry, fisheries, and the systems on which they depend. In recent years, public discourse has led to a use of “sustainability” in reference to how long human ecological systems can be expected to be usefully productive. In the past, complex human societies have died out, sometimes as a result of their own growth-associated impacts on ecological support systems. The implication is that modern industrial society, which continues to grow in scale and complexity, will also collapse.

The implied preference would be for systems to be productive indefinitely, or be “sustainable.” For example, “sustainable agriculture” would develop agricultural systems to last indefinitely; “sustainable development” can be a development of economic systems that last indefinitely, etc. A side discourse relates the term sustainability to longevity of natural ecosystems and reserves (set aside for other-than-human species), but the challenging emphasis has been on human systems and anthropogenic problems, such as anthropogenic climate change, or the depletion of fossil fuel reserves.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Example of a Sustainability Project:


At the Island School in Cape Eleuthera in the Bahamas, researchers are working on providing sustainable sources of fuel by transforming vegetable oil (donated by cruise ships visiting the island) to biodiesel fuel.  Right now, all vehicles at the Island School run on this alternative fuel and they provide it to residents of the island at a fraction of the cost of traditional fuel sources.  Their goal is to further develop these sustainable fuel sources on Eleuthera.


2 Responses to “Green “Word of the Day””

  1. Perry Joseph Says:

    Enjoyed your articles about Island School on Eleuthera. Great place. I shot a panoramic / virtual reality photo when I was there — thought you might enjoy seeing it:

    Other photos I’ve taken can be seen on my website.


  2. PJ~Thanks so much! Your photography is incredible and what better subject to shoot than Eleuthera. I hope you don’t mind if I add your link here for others to enjoy:
    Enjoy, everyone, and thanks again, PJ!

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