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The “Greening” of (Adult) Students July 31, 2008

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So sorry I’ve been AWOL from the blogging world these last couple of days, but . . .

As a teacher, I realize I’m also a perpetual student, and this summer I have been putting the finishing touches on a 6th Year Degree in Educational Leadership at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU), which means completing four courses and all associated work (papers, exams, presentations, projects, portfolios, etc.)

 Without really even thinking about it, I’ve adopted some green ways, some quite by accident and some by necessity.  If I can think “green,” anyone can!  Here are a few easy ways to live green as a student:

  • Use electronic files as much as possible and only print on paper what you absolutely must! (I was buried under reams of educational case laws but realized that I could do most of the reading online, saving paper!)
  • When you must provide hard copies of papers and projects to professors, used recycled paper, which is readily available.
  • Recycle ink cartridges.  (I’m not quite up to re-filling my own yet~~please let me know if you’ve tried this!~~but I do take them to my local pharmacy for refilling at a fraction of the new cost.  With old, dried-out cartridges (that aren’t as easy to refill) I’ve actually used the return, postage-paid envelopes that come with new ink cartridges to recycle these!  Less garbage for me and the planet!)
  • Buy used textbooks–or borrow from a friend/colleague!  At the steep price of $100 upwards for a new college text, I always look for what’s available used, either at the university bookstore or online.  It’s always great to check with friends to see who has what, or even to borrow from the university or local library.
  • Carpool!  Some of our best times this summer have spent on the rides back and forth to classes~the comraderie and shared lunches have been fabulous.  Invariably, there are 3 or 4 of us who go together and we also formed impromptu study groups enroute!  Of the 10 of us who stared out in this 6th Year Cohort together, 5 of us have seen it through ’til the bitter end–probably because of this connection!

Please share what fellow students/teachers may be doing out there to live a bit more green.  As teachers, we must also share these ideas with our students!


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