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Thankful Thursday August 1, 2008

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This week, I’m especially thankful for the women in my life . .

1.  My 86-year-old mother, who’s one of the most positive, spry women I know,  and who still knows how to have fun!

2.  My daughter, Abbie (center), who doesn’t mind hanging out with us!

3.  My good friend, Pat, (left) who always makes EVERYTHING more fun!

4.  My favorite sister, Dot, who put up with me for I won’t say how many years,  and my family. . .  As you can see, she always has love to share!               (She also grows incredible “secret gardens!”)

5.   . . . and ALL THE WOMEN in my “cirle of life” . . .

especially that select group that I spent so much quality time with over the last two years as we worked our butts off to earn our 6th year degrees together!!!  You know who you are!!!



4 Responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Dotty Bavin Says:

    You know I love you and if you loved me you would immediately delete the pic – you know what one!

  2. I love you, too . . . consider it done! I just wanted to show the “peanut” you are next to the giant, but it’s gone! Is it okay that I left you embracing my husband? Love you!

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