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Sunday Stroll . . . August 3, 2008

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Having been inspired by Aisling over at The Quiet Country House,  I’ve decided to join the “Sunday Strollers.”  To see who else is strolling this Sunday, please visit Aisling’s site.

So, here’s what I found as I strolled (actually biked) our family’s tenth-generation farm on this delicious August day . . .

Our farm pond, which has helped us in our irrigation efforts this summer when the rains didn’t come.  (We’re in the process of building a covered bridge at the far end of the pond.)

The Macoun apples (my personal favorite!) are growing nicely in the orchard.

The peaches are just about ripe for picking.

Corn fields galore.

The “fruits” of our labor.

Birdhouse gourds in blossom.

Red Delicious Apples still have a way to go . . .

Red Raspberries are ready for picking.

Our Dapply-Grey Percheron Workhorses are strolling in their pasture.

One comes over for a closer look . . .

Whinny, our miniature horse, is curious, too.

Mother and daughter llamas, always eating or chewing their cud.

Our Golden Retriever (Duke) and Old English Sheepdog (Eddie) welcome a new friend to the farm . . .

A beautiful Brown Swiss calf we’ve named “Buckwheat.”

How cute is he?!?!?!?


11 Responses to “Sunday Stroll . . .”

  1. Aisling Says:

    Beautiful! Was the photo by the pond taken at sunrise? The color is so pretty!

    Your livestock are all precious. The calf especially is very sweet. The peaches, apples and sweet corn look delicious. Our peach tree was just planted this year, so we had four peaches! 🙂

    Thank you for joining our stroll. I will add you to my post so that other Strollers can find you. How nice to meet you!

  2. He is SO cute – you’re right. You live in a beautiful place. Thanks for letting me come along on your stroll.

  3. Aisling~Thanks for inspiring me to join your “Sunday Stroll.” Actually, I may have “cheated” on the pond pic, as I took that one last night as the sun was setting. It was so beautiful, I couldn’t wait for Sunday! I found that photo so soothing that I set it as my desktop background. Enjoy your peaches; nothing better than summer fruit! I look forward to viewing the rest of the strollers today.

    Imelda~Thanks for your kind comments. Our little Buckwheat is the cutest, but not the brightest calf we’ve had. He’s struggling to learn to drink milk from a pail and loves to use one of our fingers as his artificial nipple!

  4. farmersdaughterct Says:

    So what are you going to put in next week? You covered everything!
    But I was expecting to see some of your beautiful Rose of Sharon.

  5. Well, what a great set of pics!
    The fruit, the corn, veggies(?) and a horses nose!

    However I must say that, at the risk of sounding prejudiced, My fave is the backend of the Old English Sheepdog Eddie! Especially since I run a website “Everything about Old English Sheepdogs”! How cool is it I found your blog???

    I need to see some more Sheepie pics… Would you share a few more of Eddie, maybe one from the north side? 😀 😀 😀


  6. linda Says:

    oh my, everything looks delicious! and such wonderfully cute farm animals too…wow! That shot of the lake is fabulous. The pink in the water is just beautiful.

    thanks for letting me come strolling with you!

  7. What a lovely group of strollers you’ve brought together, Aisling!

    Abbie~I’ll post some Rose of Sharon photos next week. They seem to be at their peak about now. Can’t believe I overlooked them!

    Dean and Linda~Thanks for you kind comments!

    Ron~I promise more sheepdog pix to come! Eddie is our family’s 3rd sheepdog and as you know, they definitely have their own, unique personality! He’s quite old (we call him the grumpy old man) but he still gives our young golden a run for his money. Just yesterday morning, my husband remarked that he saw sheepdog pups in the newspaper and you know what that means!

  8. Green Mamma Says:

    I love these gorgeous pictures, especially of the horses. What kind of camera are you using?

  9. Green Mamma~Thanks for asking! I’m just using my easy-to-use Kodak EasyShare at the moment. It’s so easy to slip in a pocket or purse and I literally don’t leave home without it! I do miss my old manual, single-lens reflex 35mm, but can’t beat the easy-to-share style of digital. I am looking to upgrade, mostly to have more flash power, but for right now, this little number serves the purpose, especially for outside shots!

  10. Chile Says:

    Your corn looks awesome! And those raspberries look tempting, too. Thanks for sharing your photos.

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