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“Back-to-School” Give-Away! August 17, 2008

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Granted, not all of us are actually going back to school (but I am and lots of kids are, too!), so I thought this would be a fun give-away!  Here’s a great bag that you could use for school–or anywhere!  It says:  “Think Green, Live Green, Dream Green, Love Green!”

Please drop a quick line in a comment as to how this nifty bag could help you to live a little more GREEN and it could be yours!  A random drawing will be held on August 31st (just in time for back-to-school) and I’ll announce the winner here!  GOOD LUCK!!!


22 Responses to ““Back-to-School” Give-Away!”

  1. farmersdaughterct Says:

    Please enter me! This bag would be added to my arsenal of green bags. Maybe I’d carry it to a farmer’s market, maybe I’d bring it to school, maybe I’d use it for groceries at the stand, maybe I’d bring it to the grocery store.

  2. Nan Says:

    I have a few cloth bags but I made the mistake of washing them and the colors ran, and one actually fell apart. :<( I’m in the process of buying a few more. I use mine at the grocery store and the farmer’s market, and the library. If I won your offer, I think it would be the library book bag since it is new and beautiful.

  3. Abbie and Nan~ We can never have enough “green” bags, can we? Thanks for your ideas and good luck!

  4. Patricia Hill Says:

    I have started using cloth bags when I shop. I would prefer one like this instead of the ones that have store logos.

  5. Angel Says:

    I could stop using the plastic bags, and carry this one instead.

  6. Green Mamma Says:

    Love the bag. Is it possible to win 2 Everydaywoman giveaways? I hope so. =)

  7. Linda Pinto Says:

    I would use the bag for my veggies that I purchase at the farmer’s market near my home.

  8. Mary Says:

    Trying to stop the plastic bags and this would help!

  9. CAROLYN Says:

    I can always use a bag when I ride the bus.

  10. Heather C Says:

    This bag could help me at the grocery store, the library, long hauls across the metro when I have to pack tons of activities for the kinder and to trade shows and such (instead of using one of their huge plastic bags to gather samples and brochures).

  11. Patricia, Angel, Green Mamma, Linda, and Mary~
    Thank you ALL for your great ideas! Hope you’re feeling lucky!

  12. Pat Says:

    I could use this for groceries instead of getting those plastic bags. It would be great for library books, too.

  13. judy brittle Says:

    This would be wonderful for carrying our groceries home. We usually have to take the bus for shopping and this would really help. Thank you so much!

  14. Cori Westphal Says:

    I would definitely use this for groceries instead of plastic or paper. Also, I think it’s great to carry a reusable bag just to inspire others to do the same. One bag could create a chain of green people! Thanks for the great contest!

  15. audrey b Says:

    I’d use it for my coop pickup as well as for my park outings with the kids!!

  16. ANNE S Says:

    Looks to be more roomy than the flat bags I have. I’d use it for groceries.

  17. kathy pease Says:

    i would use it when i go to the supermarket i have 10 bags now but it seems im always one


  19. L McLendon Says:

    I am trying to live green and this would certainly help.

  20. Diana Corlett Says:

    I too have embraced the idea of reuseable bags for groceries. And not just because they’re “green”. They are easier to carry and they don’t split and spill groceries all over the parking lot!

  21. judy brittle Says:

    We use the bus for grocery shopping and this bag would really be useful. Thank you so much!

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