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Good Friends . . . August 19, 2008

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I have a good friend, who . . .

  • treats my children as her own
  • many people think is my sister
  • gave me a surprise baby shower for my THIRD child!
  • has talked my husband and me into doing crazy, wonderful things like jetting to Florida for her son’s underwater wedding or to Bimini for a week in a house without running water!  (Who needs running water when the beaches are so lovely?!?!)
  • has celebrated major birthday milestones with me (30, 40, 50. . . oops. . . that can’t be possible!)
  • dropped in unexpectedly the night before my daughter’s wedding to help with last-minute party favors that I was still working on!
  • generously gave my “boys” a ’66 “Rustang/Mustang” that they transformed into a thing of beauty
  • makes every day more special
  • talked me into going to the beach with her today instead of working!
  • is becoming a GRANDMOTHER and couldn’t be happier!!!

Good Friends like you are few and far between!

Thanks for being my VERY good friend, Pat!!!


4 Responses to “Good Friends . . .”

  1. joyce Says:

    You guys do look like sisters!

  2. farmersdaughterct Says:

    Hey, it’s my second mom and my real mom!

  3. That’s a wonderful friend. I have a friend like that too. We don’t look like best friends though. Found your blog thru Farmer’s Daughter.~~Dee

  4. Dee~So glad to hear you have a great good friend, too! So glad you came here from the farmer daughter’s site. She’s inspired me and you could call me the farmer’s daughter’s mother OR the farmer’s wife!!!

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