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Sunday Stroll–September 7, 2008–After the Storm… September 7, 2008

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We’ve felt some minor disturbances from Tropical Storm Hanna, here in Connecticut, mostly heavy rain and blowing winds.  After a night of intense, pounding rain, we have a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning, and we fared much better than those in the direct path of this storm and others.

We lost a small tree that snapped during the storm, which is entrapped in vines and held up by the large pine in the background.

Our driveway washed out, which is common with storms like this . . .

A small palm tree blew over out by the pool . . .

. . . and of course, leaves blew into the pool, which I’ll be mucking out today.  We really should cover it before the next one hits (perhaps remnants from “Ike” later this week?).

Apples from our dwarf Macoun trees were knocked to the ground. . .

. . . although many more clung to the branches.  (We had tried to get as many picked before the storm hit as possible.)


Although I am generally not an alarmist, when my sister asked me yesterday if I was prepared for the storm, that did inspire me to stock up on flashlight batteries and to pick up a nifty hand-crank transistor radio (which does not require batteries!) for a mere $10, just in case.  As it worked out, we didn’t lose electricity, and if we had, the thing I’d miss the most would surely be the Internet.  But we did have fun, playing with radio, just in case.  Many people did lose power in the State and we’ll be prepared for stormy future events!

On a brighter note, my Rose of Sharon continued to smile at me this morning–against a brilliant blue sky– after getting tossed around in the wind and rain last night.

And, these persistent petunias, which seeded themselves in between the cracks of brick pavers out by the pool, continue to be strong this morning!

Enjoy the little miracles!

To see who else is strolling on this Sunday–stormy or sunny–visit the Quiet Country House!


6 Responses to “Sunday Stroll–September 7, 2008–After the Storm…”

  1. linda Says:

    I had no idea this storm was so far flung til I strolled about today! All those apples made me want an apple pie RIGHT NOW!

  2. wow, I’d heard that it was worse to the south… in Southern NE. Here in central Me, we got very little wind but lots of rain! Glad to hear everything is fine your way now, and thanks for sharing the photos!

  3. margaret Says:

    The apples on the ground–hope they’re all right. Hanna left a lot of messes, didn’t she?

  4. Linda, Michele, and Margaret~
    Thanks for your kind comments. We have to feel fortunate that Hanna just “brushed by” us; those to the south of us were hit much worse. Now, we’re staying tuned to hear about Ike’s presence down south later this week.

  5. Nan Says:

    Is Rose of Sharon related to lavatera and mallow? It reminds me of them. Yours is beautiful. We got rain only, but further south they had flooding damage.

  6. Nan,
    I’m not sure . . . I’ll have to check that out! I bet Rose of Sharon is also related to Hybiscus, as the flowers are very similar and are among my favorites! The hybiscus always reminds me of the islands!

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