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Sunday Stroll–Colors of Fall September 28, 2008

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On this soggy, Sunday morning, the scarlets and siennas of the Sugar Maples are the first to shine through the fog.

To me, Goose Squash, mums, and pumpkins are always sure signs of Fall, even when the weather doesn’t feel like it!  (Still too sticky and humid here today to wear long jeans and sweatshirts!)

Is Fall finding its way into your neck of the woods?

To see who else is strolling this Sunday, click on: the Quiet Country House.


7 Responses to “Sunday Stroll–Colors of Fall”

  1. I love the leaves and those mums! I’m going to have to get some of those mums and some pumpkins to start decorating my house.

  2. margaret Says:

    Beautiful pictures, so evocative of the season!

  3. Aisling Says:

    What a fulfilling harvest! And, the color of the mums is incredible!

  4. Abbie, Margaret, and Aisling . . . thanks for your thoughtful comments. I also enjoyed strolling through autumn on your blogs!

  5. linda Says:

    I love all your pictures, especially the pumpkins and the mums….something so wonderful about fall, isn’t it?

  6. Jessica Says:

    I love the pumpkin photos. Right now pumpkins (and photographing them) are an obsession of mine. Are you going to use any pumpkins in your fall/halloween decor? I’m always looking for ideas.

  7. Nan Says:

    Sticky and humid??!!! Amazing! Beautiful shots. The goose squash are quite, quite wonderful.

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