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True Green October 7, 2008

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My boys (two sons and my dear husband) would be the last ones in the world to call themselves “green.”  But, they’ve just proved they’re as green as can be by recycling and reusing a 53-year-old tractor.  Here they are unloading their wonderful “find” several months ago.  After much work, sweat, and loving toil, including sand-blasting, repainting, and mechanical repairs, they turned this 1955 Ford 960 Workmaster into a real beauty.

Nathaniel sandblasting the tractor frame, in preparation for paint.

The finished product . . .

This shiny “new,” recycled Ford tractor is a favorite of the children who come to visit our farm, too!


2 Responses to “True Green”

  1. […] and Nathaniel entered their 1955 Ford 960, which they restored themselves to pretty pristine condition (if I do say so myself), in an Antique Tractor Pull at our town’s […]

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