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“It’s a small world after all!” November 2, 2008

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I’m excited to announce that I’ve had more than 2,000 “hits” on my blog since starting “Musings of an Everyday Woman” in July 2008.  Even more exciting is that I’ve recently learned that one of my readers is from Malaysia!  In the blogging world, it’s more true than ever that “it’s a small world after all!”

Thank you to readers from all over the world!  I appreciate your interest and your comments!


4 Responses to ““It’s a small world after all!””

  1. Nan Says:

    well, of course! You have a wonderful blog!!

  2. Thanks, Nan, for your kind comment. I’ve learned so much from other intriguing bloggers out there, namely you!

  3. I am loving your blog, your photos, and your quirky take on the world. It is always refreshing to stop by over at your place. =)

  4. Thanks, Jessica! I have to admit that I’m not blogging nearly as much as I’d like, especially now that I’m trying to maintain two blogs. I have an educational blog for school, which I’ve given a bit more attention to lately. In fact, on Election Day, I recently held a Professional Development workshop for other teachers who want to get into blogging for their school websites. If you get a chance, please visit “Marvelous Math with Mrs. Rose” at
    I’m so excited because there’s a swell of excitement and support for blogging teachers in our district! The nicest feature is that they can blog from home or anywhere . . . because there’s never time at school; too much else going on!

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