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Getting ready for winter November 8, 2008

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Even though it feels like anything but winter right now in New England–as we’re enjoying balmy weather in the 60’s–we know it’s on the way.  We’re laying in our supply of wood in the basement, not a favorite job of our children–or us.  Since we have a combination wood/oil furnace that also heats our domestic hot water, my hubby’s favorite line to our kids when they frowned as he arrived with a dump truck load of split wood was, “Do you like hot baths?”

So, it’s been a family chore that we share.  Actually, stacking it in the basement is probably the easy job, compared to cutting and splitting the wood.  Now, ironically, our oldest is now in her own house where she and her husband are laying in their own supply of wood for the winter and my youngest and I were busy with the job here.  Funny thing is I was feeling kind of nostalgic and really didn’t mind . . . besides it was good exercise!


My giant of a son, Nathaniel, doing the "bull work."
My giant of a son, Nathaniel, doing the “bull work.”


Winter Warmth!

2 Responses to “Getting ready for winter”

  1. Tell Nate he can come stack wood in our basement anytime!

  2. But that would take all the fun away from YOU!

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