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Majestic: Sunday Stroll Nov. 16, 2008 November 16, 2008

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Majestic is a word than can only just begin to describe what I saw early yesterday morning on my driveway.


I came face to face with this magnificent, 8-point buck deer, just a few meters ahead of me on our driveway.


He was in no hurry to move, and he simply moved his head,with his majestic rack, slowly from side to side.


That’s when I realized he had something else on his mind.  In the woods just off the driveway was a rather young-looking, pristine doe.  The buck was in hot pursuit and to use Bambi’s words (of Disney fame), I do believe he was “twitterpated.”

With the rain falling around us, and me craning my neck and snapping pictures, I felt like I was an intruder on something I shouldn’t have seen–and never had seen before in real life, only in wildlife documentaries.  I have such respect and admiration for these lovely creatures, performing as nature intended, that I feel I must skip posting the next scene, even though I couldn’t help snapping it!

Shortly after, the two deer meandered through the woods into the apple orchard on the farm, perhaps for a quick snack of still-green grass and fallen apples.


As you can see, the doe is looking straight at the camera and I couldn’t help, again, feeling that I was the intruder here.  I only hoped that the cycle of life can continue on our farm, where deer are safe to roam and eat their fill.  Our family lives on the farm and we don’t allow hunting, as this is the animals’ home, as well as ours, and there’s enough to go around.  The not allowing hunting is for our family’s protection as well as the animals.  We want to be able to walk, hike, and bike on our land without being in danger.  During harvest season, we’re also a very public place and we have to be sure everyone is protected.  Just this past week, wildlife rangers visited to let us know that they had received reports of someone “jacking” deer–in other words, hunting at night with a light.  This is so upsetting to me and the rest of the family and I support all efforts to have those trespassers prosecuted.


But I digress. . .

I was to run into that same buck two more times before the day was over yesterday, which I took as a kind of omen.  It brought back memories of a pet deer that we had on the farm when our children were young.  This young fawn, which of course we named “Bambi,” came to us from my father’s farm in a neighboring town, after it had been abandoned by its mother, who probably was involved in an accident of some kind, either with dogs or was hunted.

Me and my brother Jonathan with Bambi, our pet deer.

Abbie and Jonathan fed Bambi with a bottle, with milk replacement we used for calves, and she lived with our sheep in a pen near the pond.  When she was big enough and strong enough, she jumped the fence and went to live in the orchards and surrounding woods.  Bambi would come back from time to time to visit and we could always approach her, calling her by name, and even petting her.  Every time we see a deer on the farm, we’re quite sure he or she is a descendant of Bambi!

To see who else is strolling this weekend, visit the Quiet Country House.


9 Responses to “Majestic: Sunday Stroll Nov. 16, 2008”

  1. joyce Says:

    That’s pretty neat! This morning at church we had several converstions about near-misses people had while driving. The deer are very active right now, twitterpated indeed! I hope you get to see some fawns next spring.

  2. joyce Says:

    That’s pretty neat! This morning at church we had several converstions about near-misses people had while driving. The deer are very active right now, twitterpated indeed! I hope you get to see some fawns next spring.

  3. Good pictures, mom! Yes, I think the deer are too twitterpated right now to think about looking both ways before they cross the road!

  4. Aisling Says:


    The deer are just gorgeous. I have been seeing them here too, but have not gotten any good photos. Thank you for strolling and for sharing your photos.

  5. Joyce and Abbie,

    I’m also worried about them crossing roads safely, as they’re thinking about other things at the moment! I know plenty of people who have had serious damage to their vehicles and/or themselves due to run-ins with deer. Just hoping this doesn’t happen to “ours.”


    Deer really are overpopulated in our area right now and may be in yours, too, because they’re healthy and legal hunting is very limited. Seems like you’re way ahead of us with snow. I do love it and am hoping for LOTS this winter!

    My photos aren’t of the best quality, probably because it was grey, raining, and I was so excited, but thanks!

  6. margaret Says:

    What a wonderful encounter! How fortunate you are–I can’t recall ever seeing an antlered buck and a doe together.

  7. Duke Says:

    In America we use yards, not meters

  8. Thanks, Duke, but I’m accustomed to using American standard and metric measurements interchangably, as I want my students to be familiar with both!

  9. Margaret,
    It was a rare treat that I don’t expect will ever happen again!

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