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Sunday Stroll: Feasting Squirrels November 29, 2008

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So glad we weren’t the only ones stuffing ourselves this weekend.  Check out this squirrel feasting on our Halloween leftovers.




I always leave some of our Halloween pumpkins out for the squirrels so they can ready themselves for the long winter ahead by fattening themselves on the flesh and seeds.  They’ve already devoured two small sugar pumpkins in our yard and are now working their way through this giant field pumpkin.  I was so delighted to catch them in the act!




I always marvel at these little acrobats.  How do they manage to head down trees headfirst, stopping mid-way, almost frozen . . . and  then walk the tightrope wires that they do?


To see who else is strolling this Sunday, click on the Quiet Country Home.


5 Responses to “Sunday Stroll: Feasting Squirrels”

  1. Cute. I like them on video better, though.

  2. Ruth Says:

    I’ll have to have the video cam handy next time! May have to upload some of my bear videos . . . can’t beat that!

  3. joyce Says:

    I’ve always wondered how they run head down, too! They are so cute, but we can’t put a pumpkin out anymore for Haloween, because the think it’s for them.

  4. Aisling Says:

    Super cute! The deer have been eating our compost pile, but I haven’t caught them on camera (yet!)

    Thanks for strolling! Fun photos. 🙂

  5. Ruth Says:

    Joyce and Aisling….Thanks for your comments!

    Aisling . . . my in-laws had set up a an expensive motion camera which caught photos of deer feeding around their bird feeder . . . as well as occasional pix of their dogs as they ran by. It’s always a surprise when you view the film! You might want to try that!

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