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I’m dreaming of a GREEN Christmas . . . November 30, 2008

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Christmas Rosemary

There are LOTS of ways to celebrate a GREEN Christmas!  I’m really going to try this year not to get pulled in by the commercialism of the season and not to BUY, BUY for buying sake, but to try to please those I care about with thoughtful gifts that are a bit easier on our planet.  How many times do you end up with a lot of useless STUFF just because you get caught up in the excitement of the moment?

How about trying . . .

  • a live tree that you can plant outside and enjoy for years to come?
  • making a few gifts–the edible kind or perhaps some warms scarves and hats?  It’s a good time to dig out those needles as I’ve noticed that knitting is quite fashionable again!
  • electronic greetings rather than paper cards, stamps, etc.?
  • stringing popcorn and cranberries for the tree and then putting them outside afterwards for the birds to nibble on?
  • “Coupon Gifts,” a favorite of kids for parents . . . like a certificate for doing dishes, laundry, a backrub, or cleaning a room without complaints?
  • A gift in someone’s name for a worthy cause . . . like preserving wildlife refuges (see Sierra Club) or a donation to a favorite charity?

What are you doing to green up your holidays?  The best ideas are those that are shared!


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