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When life hands you lemons . . . December 3, 2008

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. . . make lemonade!!!

Thanks to Abbie, over at Farmer’s Daughter, who presented me with “The Lemonade Award.”  According to Joyce, from  Tall Grass Worship, who awarded it to Abbie,  it’s given to someone who is “positive or grateful, always turning lemons into lemonade!”

Here are the rules for the award.  The receiver must:

  •  post the graphic
  • write a post about it that links back to the giver
  • select up to 10 people who deserve the award
  • let these folks know they’ve won by leaving them a comment

Therefore, abiding by these rules, I’d like to pass the Lemonade Award on to:

  • Aisling, over at the Quiet Country House, who loves gardening and poetry, and who shares these beautiful genres of art with others.  She also hosts a weekly Sunday Stroll at her site, which is always uplifting and positive.
  • Margaret, from Periodic Pearls, who always has a most positive, intriquing take on the world around her, and is currently blogging from London.
  • Jena, at Married to the Farm, who is an energetic, newlywed living the farming life, and is rebounding from a recent fire that damaged property on their farm by planning to rebuild.
  • The Crafty Gardener, who loves all things that grow and is quite positive and crafty–especially when she’s snow-covered in Canada at the moment!

 Congrats to the winners!  Keep serving up that lemonade!!!


2 Responses to “When life hands you lemons . . .”

  1. margaret Says:

    Oh, wow.
    I’m so honoured and pleased, thanks very much indeed!
    Your blog looks so Christmas-y–love it!

  2. Ruth Says:

    You’re welcome, Margaret, and very deserving, too!

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