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Sunday Stroll: Northeast Kingdom!!! December 15, 2008

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My weekend took me to an unexpected place: the icy, Northeast Kingdom!  I wasn’t expecting to post a Sunday Stroll and had a zillion things to do at home, but due to the necessity of checking on a questionable furnace at our family’s northern home during recent winter ice and snow storms, we made a mad dash to this polar wonderland.

Despite the -1 F temps, I totally enjoyed this experience—especially the incredible sights.  I know that everything will still be awaiting me at home, but it was well worth it!




Icicles galore!




Duke totally enjoyed himself, making his own kind of snow angels . . .







Fortunately, my multi-talented DH was able to clean a screen on the furnace and restart it before any pipes had frozen, and was also able to shovel snow. . .





After getting the chalet in order, we  took in some Christmas-y sights at a nearby, larger town . . .








and, then, enjoyed the fire!









To see who else strolled this Sunday, visit the Quiet Country House.









7 Responses to “Sunday Stroll: Northeast Kingdom!!!”

  1. Aisling Says:

    I love the icicles! Duke is sure a cutie! I’m glad you shared your photos. It is lovely in the Northeast Kingdom. 🙂

  2. Aisling,
    Thanks so much for your kind comments! Duke is back home with us today in warmer temps, rainy weather. . . not nearly as pretty!

  3. Nan Says:

    Wonderful pictures! You weren’t very far away from me at all! Especially if the ‘nearby larger town’ was St J! It was cold, but we were lucky to not lose power. I love Mr Duke!

  4. Dukie’s pictures made me laugh out loud. I wonder what he was thinking when he was looking at the icicles. Chalet? What chalet?

  5. Nan~ you recognized St. J! Great detective . . . their Christmas decorations are very distinctive! Our winter wonderland is about 5 hrs. north of our home base, so the change in weather was much appreciated! Yes, we WERE very lucky to have power up north. We saw electric trucks headed to N.H. to help out with the ice storm there and major power outages. We kind of chuckled on the way home when we were pulled over by “Border Patrol” along with a long line of other travelers, since we really weren’t near the border! Duke is a cutie, isn’t he?
    Abbie~Duke had the time of his life, “weaseling” in the snow, as you know! I thought I’d try “chalet” as synonym for “ski house,” no?

  6. Jena Says:

    Ohh, that fire looks good right now! Pretty cold here. Beautiful icicles too!

  7. Now that we actually have snow at home now–about a foot of fresh, white powder got dumped on us yesterday–it’s just as pretty around here! Like a kid, I always love a fresh blanket of snow!

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