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Snowballs Inside, Snowballs Outside! December 23, 2008

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As promised, I’m posting some pix of our favorite Snowball Cookies.  As the snow/ice/rain/sleet swirled around outside this weekend, transforming us into a true winter wonderland (or a terrible, slippery/slidy mess–depending on how you look at it!) I finally popped a batch in the oven.

Trouble is, in a few moments, there were . . .



Fortunately, I did take my own advice and tripled the batch, so I have more dough in the fridge.  My 3 guys decided they like them best warm and when there were looking for some more last night, I popped another batch in the oven and they were again devoured at breakneck speed.  Problem is, at this rate, there will be NONE for Christmas!  But, they’re enjoying them now!  Hope you do, too!


3 Responses to “Snowballs Inside, Snowballs Outside!”

  1. Chile Says:

    It’s a cold day here today so I think I’ll make lemon snowballs. Gives me an excuse to turn the oven on.

    Hope your Christmas was as merry as your cookies were good!

  2. I have to admit that my all-time favorite day is actually the day AFTER Christmas when all the hoopla has calmed down. When the kids were younger, I relished that day, when we stayed home and they played with new toys, etc., and I actually enjoyed the tree, decorations, and cookies and the mad rush to get everything done was over! Even now with our children grown, I enjoyed that day after just as much!!!

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