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Hope it was MERRY!!! December 26, 2008

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Hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you enjoyed your day as much as Duke did!  He LOVED what Santa left him under the tree!


4 Responses to “Hope it was MERRY!!!”

  1. Chile Says:

    Angel has serious bone envy!

  2. It took just about ten minutes for Duke to chew that monster bone in half to share with our old English Sheepdog, Eddie. Too bad Angel wasn’t around to share!

    Are you taking a break from writing posts and reading blogs, instead? Delighted to have you stop by, Chile!

  3. […] came home to give our two dogs, Duke and Eddie, a few extra hugs.  […]

  4. Chile Says:

    Yep, that’s the plan. I’m going through blogs in my favorites to see how folks are doing. I never seem to have time to do this, but it’s a good end of the year treat!

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