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Glorious New Year’s Eve Snow! December 31, 2008

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What a glorious day for ushering out 2008!  As the snow swirls around us, I’ve just started a fire in our wood furnace as one of our sons was so nice to bring home a couple bucket loads of dry wood before the first precipitation of the day.  I made a trip to the grocery store yesterday and have a quiet New Year’s Eve celebration planned at home for tonight.  Hot coffee at my side, I’m just about to e-mail off an article that I promised to an educational journal before the year’s end and I have the day ahead of me . . . for a nice walk in the snow, a chance to perhaps get those New Year’s cards addressed and a bunch of “thank yous” written. . . as well as to get a bit of laundry done, some homemade soup going on the stove, perhaps catch up on some e-mail and schoolwork and a moment to think about New Year’s resolutions.  What a glorious day!

I’m hunkering down for a big snow and hope for lots to play in, especially for the boys with their new and old “snowmachines.”

Hope your New Year’s Eve is glorious, too!


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