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It’s Snowing Again!!! January 20, 2009

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It’s beginning to feel like the North Pole around here lately—and I love it! 


Eddie, our Old English Sheepdog, loves this weather, with the wind in his hair and cooler, “sheepdog” temps.  It’s been bitterly cold lately with sub-freezing temps, but it warmed up to just about freezing today to drop a bit more snow on us.


The thickening white blanket in the apple orchard is beautiful, but the mermaid standing guard over the frozen pool seems to be saying she’s had enough already!



All this snow certainly has provided lots of opportunities for playing for both little–and big–kids!

What’s it like in your neck of the woods?  Are you up to your elbows in snow or are you yearning for some of the white stuff?


One Response to “It’s Snowing Again!!!”

  1. Well, it certainly does look like Eddie and your family (big kids, right?) are enjoying the abundant snow. I so wish that we could have snow here in Virginia, but I am so appreciative that you and other New England bloggers (like Farmer’s Daughter) are sharing your photos of the beautiful snow!

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