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Good Friends January 31, 2009

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I really feel blessed to be going through the ups and downs of life with some really good friends. The four of us “clicked” when our kids were in a playgroup together many years ago.   Between the four of us, we have 10 kids, four husbands, 200 birthdays (our own!), an assortment of demanding careers, a menagerie of pets, and LOTS of memories.

We’ve weathered childhood illnesses,  summer day-trips to beaches and parks, overnight camping trips, first dates (of our children), driving license exams, proms, graduations,  4 weddings (again–our children), among other milestones.  Three of us are mother-in-laws, one is a grandmother, and one is a grandmother-to-be.  (I’m looking to acquire that title myself one day!)

The picture above was taken at one of our friend’s son’s wedding, when we realized that we were the last ones standing on the dance floor after the DJ asked all  couples to remain standing who had been married for 5 years, then 10, 20, 25, etc.  At 30 years, we were still there!  We were amazed because  we were quite sure they were others there much “older” than us and we certainly don’t feel old . . . most days!  Maybe we were just lucky in love!

Anyways, that mother-of-the-groom gave each of us a copy of this photo at another one of the friend’s birthday dinners recently.  We all look pretty happy because that’s how we feel when we get together.  Now that our kids are grown (mostly!) and we’re all so busy, we really don’t get much of a chance to get together that much anymore.  We do still try to get together somewhere near each of our birthdays (not that we want to count the years), but it gives us a chance to touch base at least 4 times a year.  We can still laugh, talk (loudly, much to the chagrin of others diners, I’m sure), and reminisce with the best of them.

I am so thankful to have close friends to  share life’s fortunes and sorrows; people who are always willing to listen and to whom you’re not afraid to share your biggest worries and embarassments!

Thank you Pat, Rosanne,  and Roberta!  We’re more like sisters than friends!

I hope everyone has someone special to get through the ups and downs of life with!


15 Responses to “Good Friends”

  1. That picture looks weird.

  2. I think it looks weird b/c you took a picture of a picture. Anyway, that’s a cute post. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be a “granny” someday.

  3. Pat Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful sentiments. All is true. Everyone should have friends like that. Looking foward to getting old together. Not! Not the old part, anyway. I’ll rephrase that –
    looking foward to many more youny years! Getting old is not an option!
    Love ya

  4. Thanks, Ab. I think it’s because the picture was in a frame and the flash and all . . . didn’t have the original electronically. Maybe the “distorted” look helps hide our flaws . . . I mean: mine! Really about the “granny” part? Yippee, but can I pick my grandmotherly name?

  5. Kayla Says:

    Your group of “sisters” sounds so fun! I have a few best friends myself that I hope to stick with through the rest of life, but of course make new friends on the way too.

  6. Ruth Says:


    Thanks SO MUCH for leaving your comment!

    You’re definitely right! We are NOT getting older, just better, you very lucky Grandma, you!

    Love you too!

  7. Ab,

    Just for you, I replaced the photo with the electronic original. Is that better?

    Kayla~Yes, we are like sisters. So glad to hear you’ve got BEST FRIENDS in your life, too! The best ones do stick around!

  8. […] to dinner tonight with two of our best friends who were at our wedding thirty-one years ago and who have also been married for more than 30 years!  The really nice thing is the GUYS set this dinner date up!  Happy Valentines Day to […]

  9. Jen Says:

    I think you all look great and we all could be so lucky to have such great friends…hopefully someday another of you will be a granny (again!!!)…we shall see…not getting any younger anyways!

    • Jen~thanks for your comment! I do feel fortunate to have such great friends. We kind of hold each other up! Yes, I know that Pat would LOVE to become a grandma again—are you hinting at something? I would also LOVE to join my good friend in the ranks of “grandmotherhood” myself! Bet you’re a lot warmer where you are! Hugs, Ruth

  10. […] GREAT friends, who also support me and push me to think about doing some even crazier things, like doing a mini-marathon (more on that another time!) […]

  11. Pat Says:

    It’s not a mini marathon – It’s a full marathon – 26.2 miles. There is nothing mini about that LOL

  12. Patty Barrett Says:

    Well – maybe there is a mini 🙂 in the marathon – lol

  13. Ruth Says:

    Pat~I know you’re doing a REAL marathon, but if I’m doing one anytime soon, it would probably be a MINI!

    You go, girl! You are my inspiration!!! (Grandma!)

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