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Thinking of Spring . . . with Snow on the Ground! February 1, 2009

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With a healthy amount of snow currently on the ground (and a very unhealthy amount of ice), and another “BIG” storm predicted for Monday night, I’m thinking spring!

I just couldn’t resist picking up this tulip bulbs at the grocery store the other day.  The bulbs are submerged in water and they promise to bloom “within two weeks.”  They’ve already grown an impressive 10-12 inches and I look forward to some crimson/yellow-tipped blooms soon!  They certainly add a dash of green to our kitchen.

What are YOU doing to “think spring?”


3 Responses to “Thinking of Spring . . . with Snow on the Ground!”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Ooh! I am inspired. I want to try this one! Thanks for sharing your springy ideas. =)

  2. They’re in bloom now and beautiful! I think I’m going to start some more bulbs!

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