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Sunday Stroll: Walking Two Farms February 8, 2009

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I took advantage of the warmer temps lately to “stroll” two farms:  both my family’s farm where I grew up, and my husband’s family farm, where we’ve lived for the past 30 years.


I guess I was destined to live on a farm.  I grew up on a dairy farm in a neighboring town, and of course as a child, didn’t appreciate the vast, open spaces, as we had all kind of chores to do, including “minding cows.”  What’s that you say?  Well, even my husband, who grew up on a dairy farm the next town over, had never heard of such a thing.  We kids (siblings, cousins, and me) had the important job of “acting like a fence” while the cows were grazing, which meant we had to keep them in a certain lot and away from vegetable gardens, etc.  What a summer job!  My husband’s family just used a movable fence for this job, of course!


There are still lots of wide open spaces on the farm I grew up on, but no dairy cows.  With  the passing of both my Dad and my uncle, the next generation has turned it into a farm hosting beefers, horses, and Christmas trees.


My 80-something-year-old mother, who had been feeling the effects of “cabin fever” lately due to all the treacherous ice around, enjoyed walking the fields with me during this thaw.  I enjoyed reliving childhood memories and great conversation!


Back at home, my trusty Sheepdog campanion, was awaiting a walk of his own.


On our farm, the thick layer of snow on the pond had melted, creating a glassy surface.  When it freezes up again, we should have perfect skating!


A veritable current of water was running through the apple orchard from all the melted snow.


The river is running higher from all the added “liquid” snow and ice.


What a lovely day for a stroll in near 50 degree temperatures–and with the occasional sun peeking through.

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.


6 Responses to “Sunday Stroll: Walking Two Farms”

  1. I love that picture of the river, it looks so spring-like.

  2. Aisling Says:


    Both farms are very pretty! A couple of your photos aren’t showing up for me, so I’ll be back later to see if they load! I don’t want to miss a thing!

  3. Ruth Says:

    Abbie and Aisling ~
    Thanks. I think everything looked prettier today due to the warmer temps!

    Aisling ~ sometimes, I’ll see an icon where photos are on other blogs and if I click on that, the photo will open. Hope this works for you as all mine are showing up on my site.

    I had to chuckle this week when I welcomed a new student by your name into one of my classes. Just LOVE the name!

  4. Aisling Says:


    I love the name Aisling too, but it is not my real name. I’m incognito. When I first started my blog, I chose names for each of my family members from the vocabularly of poetry. If you type “Lyrical Names’ in my blog’s search feature, you should find my original explanation. That said, it is fun to chose one’s own name, and I really feel like Aisling by now.

    BTW, all the photos are now showing up. I love the horseshoe “wreath” and your Mom is a doll, all suited up for her stroll with you. I’m glad I came back!

  5. Nan Says:

    Wonderful strolling. Though I’m happy the farm is still not developed, I’m always a little sad to see Christmas trees take over pasture. I loved seeing your mom. Aren’t you lucky to have all your family, both older and younger, so nearby. I wanted to tell you again how much I’m enjoying the bag I ‘won.’ I use it all the time. Oh, and I love that arrow on your blog!

  6. Nan,
    Thanks for your kind comments! I, too, am glad both farms have not been developed. My family’s farm is only in its 4th generation, while my husband’s family farm (where we live) is in its 12th generation! The reality is is that’s it very hard to make a living farming and we all have “real” jobs to help support the farm!

    I’m sure my cousins planted the Christmas trees to try to keep the farm going (between 9 siblings!) and perhaps to help a little bit with taxes and insurance. They also love the outdoor life! My brother is trying to make a go of it by boarding horses. Of course, our wish is for neither farm to ever be sold!

    On my husband’s family farm, we converted it to a fruit/vegetable farm when the barns burned in a terrible fire, marking the end of dairy farming. We all have “real” jobs, but are dedicated to keeping our family homestead and all help to keep the family farm market and orchards going.

    I DO feel so fortunate to have extended family so close and I appreciate it now, with my own children, more than ever! They’re also at an age when they’re really appreciating where they grew up—and not just complaining about chores!

    My Mom is a cutie–at 86 years old–with an incredible, positive spirit and outlook. I aspire to be HER one day!

    So glad you’re putting that bag to good use and that you’re enjoying it. I think I’ve finally “settled” on this format for my blog after trying out some seasonal ones. Kind of like the earthy brown/green tones, as well as the arrow!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

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