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How are YOU celebrating Valentines Day? February 13, 2009

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Please share how you’ll be celebrating this “day of hearts” by responding to this poll in the comment box!

**   I’m taking my honey out for a romantic dinner. . .

**  I’m creating some fancy culinary delights at home. .  .

**  I’ll be enjoying a good book at home . . . any maybe some wine and chocolate!

**  I’m still looking for that perfect Valentine!

**  I’ve got something else in mind!  (Tell us about it in a comment, if you dare!)



4 Responses to “How are YOU celebrating Valentines Day?”

  1. Jena Says:

    I’ve got something else in mind… and it is completely shareable! For starters we are going to the PBR rodeo tonight with some friends. Then tomorrow morning is the first of 3 knitting classes I’ll be attending. I signed my Mom and my best friend up as their Christmas present. We’ll be learning to knit socks. I can hardly wait! Tomorrow night we did have plans to attend the snowmobile races but since the track is on a pond and things are thawing, I expect them to be canceled. Oh well, we’ll make due! 🙂 How about you? Any great plans?

  2. We’re staying home and I’ll be cooking something…

    Jena have fun at PBR!

  3. Ruth Says:

    Jenna and Abbie~

    Thanks for sharing!

    Jenna~What fun! We love PBR, too! We attended a Professional Bull Riding event a while back at the Mohegan Sun, with seats so close we could actually SMELL the bulls! My 3 guys–my husband and our 2 sons–were in rodeo heaven!

    I just knew you were a kind friend–and a thoughtful daughter–to sign up for those knitting classes with friends and your Mom. Have fun!

    Glad to hear you won’t be attending the snowmachine racing on a pond, if it’s thawing. After hearing about the rescue of those ice fishers on Lake Erie a week ago, I hope everyone will be most vigilant! My 3 guys were snowmobiling up north last weekend and it’s probably a good thing I heard AFTER the event that a large piece of their trail was over frozen ponds.

    Abbie~I just knew you’d be cooking a romantic dinner at home for Ed, so I warned your brothers NOT to call tonight!

    As for me, I wasn’t expecting much. I had a great day at school yesterday (with kids who were totally hyped up about Valentines Day, candy, and the ensuing February vacation) where we did Math activities with “Sweetheart” candies, estimating, graphing, finding perimeter, volume, etc. Lots of fun!

    To my utter surprise, I can home totally beat to be greeted with two dozen perfect red roses from my husband of 30 years who suddenly has turned romantic again! There was a time when we were dating when there were always generous bouquets of roses, then a long dry spell, when I told him DON’T WASTE MONEY, especially around Valentines Day when they’re at least double price. It seems he didn’t listen this year, and I’m enjoying them anyway!

    We’re also going out to dinner with two best friends who were at our wedding thirty-one years ago and we have also been married for more than 30 years! Happy Valentines Day to Pat and Jimmy, too!

    Love to all,

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