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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! February 14, 2009

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Hope you’re having a GREAT day!  It’s not too late to respond to my Valentines Day Poll.


Jena of  “Married to the Farm,” asked what was going on here, so here’s the response I left her in my comment in the Valentines Day Poll, which is the next post on my blog:

As for me, I wasn’t expecting much. I had a great day at school yesterday (with kids who were totally hyped up about Valentines Day, candy, and the ensuing February vacation) where we did Math activities with “Sweetheart” candies, estimating, graphing, finding perimeter, volume, etc.  Lots of fun!

To my utter surprise, I can home totally beat to be greeted with two dozen perfect red roses from my husband of more than 30 years who suddenly has turned romantic again! There was a time when we were dating when there were always generous bouquets of roses, then a long dry spell, when I told him “DON’T WASTE MONEY,”  especially around Valentines Day when roses are at least double the price!  It seems he didn’t listen this year, and I’m enjoying them anyway!

We’re also going out to dinner tonight with two of our best friends who were at our wedding thirty-one years ago and who have also been married for more than 30 years!  The really nice thing is the GUYS set this dinner date up!  Happy Valentines Day to Pat and Jimmy, too!


Happy Valentines Day to you, too!




2 Responses to “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!”

  1. Jena Says:

    Beautiful flowers – wow! I’m glad to hear that a guy can still muster up some romance after being together awhile. I got a few red roses too which are my favorite anytime of year. Brian also brought home another box of Oreos in place of chocolates. He knows I like them better any day and I was touched that he actually put some thought in to this holiday. He even remembered to wear his wedding ring out last night plus he wore cologne which hasn’t happened since the wedding. It was really nice. I think Sweetest Day is silly but Valentine’s Day is great!

    I hope you enjoy your dinner!

  2. Wow! Sounds like you have the “Sweetest Guy!” Give him a hug from me!!!

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