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Free Rice February 17, 2009

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OK, I sincerely doubt that there’s ANYONE out there who hasn’t heard of the “Free Rice” website, but have you checked it out lately?

Free Rice

It’s absolutely incredible.  Not only can you test (and hone) your vocabulary, grammar, art, chemistry, MATH, geography, world language skills, etc., sponsors actually donate 10 grains of rice to the UN World Hunger Program  for each answer you get  correct!  I had heard about it a long time ago re: vocabulary, but when I saw that algebra and multiplication skills were also practiced here, I was hooked!  (As a Math Specialist, I’m going to encourage my students to check this out, too.)  Check it out; it’s only a click away!

P.S.  I’ve added a widget to FREE RICE on my sidebar, so you can access it anytime by clicking there.  Feel free  to copy it  and add it to your site as well!!!  It’s for a great cause!


6 Responses to “Free Rice”

  1. Nate Says:

    i haven’t heard of it

  2. Oh, cool. I only thought it was vocab.

  3. Cloudhands Says:

    Well, that was fun. Of course I kept it simple. At my age I do crosswords and sudoku trying to keep my mind flexable and stave off “old timers disease”. I need to go back and bookmark ‘Free Rice’. What a wonderful place to get a good mental workout. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Ruth Says:

    Ab~Isn’t it cool? I thought it was only vocab, too. Perhaps they’ve added the science/math/art/world language angle, to to appeal to ALL of us!

    Cloudhands~isn’t it fun? As you get answers correct at “Free Rice,” it automatically moves you along to progressively more difficult questions. I know what you mean about keeping sharp! I was beginning to think I was “losing it” recently when I couldn’t remember my PIN for my debit card at the checkout (w/ a line of people behind me) . . . kind of scary! I’m attributing that to trying to store too much info. and am hoping I don’t see a pattern here! But, I think mental games do help keep those connections working. A friend of mine received an electronic game from his son to “keep his mind sharp” and it’s fun to play, but I think this site is just as good!

  5. Nate~We all learn something new everyday! Now, if only they had questions about trucks, farm and excavation equipment, you’d be the KING!

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