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A Breath of Spring! February 18, 2009

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A typical February vacation day (from school) yesterday included:

  • an early (8:30 am)  morning dentist appointment (ugh!)
  • a trip to DMV (ugh–wrong day to go right after a holiday!)
  • visit to the Town Hall re: Motor Vehicle Taxes (a credit b/c we had been double-billed!)
  • working on preparing Income Taxes (fun!)
  • assorted paperwork for school, coursework, etc. (always fun!)

The high points of the day definitely included:

  • lunch out with my daughter
  • a visit to her high school, where she teaches Biology, Environmental Science, Botany, etc., to water the plants in the greenhouse (so they don’t die over school vacation)
  •  a stop at my husband’s  current construction site to see the latest progress on an incredible project, (where he’s building million-plus-dollar homes for some very lucky people!)
  • a stroll through our local nursery/garden center to chat with the owner/friend/neighbor and to enjoy a BREATH OF SPRING!!!

Here, I offer some beautiful shots from inside the greenhouse to ensure us all that spring IS on the way, although a mix of snow/rain/sleet is predicted here for later today . . .









I couldn’t resist bringing  home some pansies and organic parsley to brighten up the inside, until it’s warm enough to plant outside.



What are you doing as you await the arrival of SPRING in your parts?


3 Responses to “A Breath of Spring!”

  1. Ruth Says:

    It was a wonderful escape from winter!!!

  2. […] For the rest of that stroll, click here on a “Breath of Spring.” […]

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