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Think “Outside the Bottle!” February 19, 2009

Think Outside the Bottle - Take the pledge today!

OK, I’m blogging way too much since it’s school vacation and I really have to get to work on other things!

But . . . this is worth checking out . . .

Check out  to take the following pledge about NOT buying bottled water:


I pledge to Think Outside the Bottle, which means:

Opting for public tap water over bottled water; and

Supporting the efforts of local officials who prioritize strong public water systems over bottled water profits.

Signed by:
[Your name]


 Because water is a human right and not a commodity to be bought and sold for profit;

 Because bottled water corporations are changing the very way people think about water and undermining people’s confidence in public water systems;

 Because up to 40% of bottled water in the U.S. and Canada is sourced from municipal tap water;

 Because some bottlers have run over communities’ concerns and the environment when they extract water and build bottling plants to get local spring and ground water;

 Because bottled water travels many miles from the source, results in the burning of massive amounts of fossil fuels, and contributes to the billions of plastic bottles ending up in our landfills;

 Because worldwide there is a need for investments in public water systems to ensure equal access to water, a key ingredient for prosperity and health for all people; and

 Because solutions to ensuring water as a fundamental human right require people acting together and standing up for public water systems.

As for me, I’ve stopped buying bottled water and am taking tap water (preferably half-frozen) to school in my SIGG or BPA-free Camelbak water bottles.    I haven’t noticed a taste difference and I know I’m saving $$$ in the long run!



10 Responses to “Think “Outside the Bottle!””

  1. Lisa Says:

    I almost got that Sigg bottle but ended up getting the “Think Green” one. We have lots of Sigg bottles around here. I love them and get lots of comments about them (most of them good haha).

  2. Lisa~
    Actually my daughter (aka the Farmer’s Daughter) turned me onto SIGG. I gave the “Think Green” one to a colleague who I knew would truly appreciate it–and she did. Others, still at times, think we’re a bit wacky!

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas! So glad I discovered your site!


  3. Kayla Says:

    I really like the first point: ” Because water is a human right and not a commodity to be bought and sold for profit.” So very true.

    It’s really sad because here in Italy, especially at restaurants, they often make you buy bottled water if you want water…getting free tap water is rare around here. But at least the bottles are usually glass…I just hope the restaurants recycle them.

  4. Kayla,
    How fortunate you are to be in Italy, where I’m guessing the beverage of choice, that probably flows quite freely is quite possibly~~wine?

    Seriously, though, you’re probably assured safety and quality of water that is bottled in Europe, so we’ll let you indulge! It would be interesting to know how the water standards–both for bottled and tap–differ. We’ll have to check into that . . .

  5. Lisa Says:

    Tap water (at least in the states) is more regulated than bottled. 🙂

  6. Jena Says:

    I like your Sigg! I have the “Make Love Not Landfill” one and I love it. I purchased some for Christmas presents last year and got great feedback. Hubby has the 40 oz. Klean Kanteen. That works well for him as I think the painted Siggs wouldn’t hold up as well. I’m just glad there are safe, eco-smart options available that still look good. We used to reuse Powerade bottles for weeks and that’s not the best.

  7. Jena~thanks! It’s nice to know we can be environmentally friendly and have fun, too! I like “Make Love Not Landfill” even better!

    We also used to recycle Powerade and assorted bottled water bottles until I learned the dangers of reusing plastic.

    I now love the SIGG and Klean Kanteen. I actually just found some really neat KK designs from L.L.Bean that have a mouth wide enough for normal-size ice cubes. As long as I can keep my tap water COLD, it always tastes better.

    I’ve also given these as Christmas and Birthday gifts and people love them! Of course, I choose my “people” wisely!

  8. Pat Says:

    Great comments. I was reading up on “Thinking Ouside the Bottle” and came across your blog post. I love it that people are seriously curbing their ecological footprint and reconsidering buying bottled water. I wanted to let you know of a new generation of Stanley Bottles called nineteen13 – they just came out with beautifully designed Stainless Steel water bottles as well as 100% Ecycle recycled plastic bottles. You can out the entire nineteen13 line at:

  9. […] here for more on that!  Take the “Think Outside the Bottle […]

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