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Cleavage–NOT OK for Work! February 20, 2009

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Work Spouse

OK, am I the only one out there who finds this offensive–I mean, in my face, at work? 

I may be old enough to have grown children, but I’m definitely NOT a prude!

But, would you agree, unless you work somewhere that involves a pole for dancing, that this amount of cleavage is NOT appropriate for your line of work?

I work in a school system and I see a fair amount of skimpy, midriff-baring, cleavage-peaking blouses just about daily.  .  . and it’s not just the young, perky teachers and staff!  Sometimes, it’s my contemporaries, and as my own children tell me when they’re hanging aroud our pool in the summertime, “Really, Mom, nobody wants to see that. . . put them away!”

What gets me in schools is, who exactly are these women dressing this way for?  Colleagues don’t want to see this—and parents definitely DON’T want to see this, either!  And, please, let’s protect the innocent children.

If anything, I find myself inspecting my necklines and questioning if I should add a T-shirt under tops and dresses, just so I don’t insult or embarrass anyone.  On the other hand, if I’m going out for an evening and I’m not likely to run into any of my students–or their parents–that’s another story!

On another, related note . . .

Here’s a funny greeting card that I just couldn’t resist buying the other day.  I’ll probably give it to my good friend, Pat, on her next birthday:

Two fifty- or sixty-something-year-old women friends at the beach in bathingsuits (not that we’re THAT old!):

Friend A (I’ll call her Patty): “The bad news about getting older is that we get flabby thighs.”

Friend B (Could be me!):  “The good news is that our boobs cover them!”

Inside message:  “Hope you’ve got a happy birthday covered!”

OK, there’s your laugh for the day . . . but if there’s something that you just have to get off your chest about all the cleavage out there, let ‘er rip . . . and leave a  comment!


14 Responses to “Cleavage–NOT OK for Work!”

  1. Mom, this post is inappropriate.

    And teachers at my school don’t dress that way. Probably because our students are teenagers…

  2. Ruth Says:

    Abbie, sometimes we all need to be a little inappropriate!

    I probably exaggerated a bit to get my point across. VERY FEW adults in the schools I’ve worked in dress this way, but ONE is too many! I’ve often remarked that we have dress codes for students (especially for teenagers) but not for adults!

    Just some food for though–and laughter!

  3. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    I’m more horrified by the “bending over at the filing cabinet thong.” I’ve seen some scary stuff, man, and I just want it to stop!

  4. Ruth Says:

    RV~I second your views on thongs! I only thongs I want to see are the ones on people’s feet at the beach!

  5. rockwebcast Says:

    Long as we’re being completely honest here . . . . I’m fine with it so long as they’re HOT. I don’t mean run of the mill average gal, I mean totally and completely HOT. Hot enough that when people see me oogling what she’s displaying they totally understand. If not, then yes, put it away at work.

  6. Um, rockwebcast, thanks for your comment. I’m guessing that this is a guy’s take on the matter. I’m wondering how the woman feels being oogled, of course not your “run of the mill average gal,” as rwc says, but then again, if you’re flaunting it, are your expecting that oogling?

  7. rockwebcast Says:

    I’m not one of those modern foo foo guys who insist on being either less masculine then his wife or obnoxiously rude. I believe men should open doors for women, walk on the street side of the sidewalk and take their hat off in doors. Being a gentleman does not mean you consider a lady the weaker sex.

    With that said, a woman doesn’t wear a push up bra and over under cleavage blouse by accident. No; they’re putting it out there for show purposes. So I’m all for encouraging those that have the body for it.

    As for my comments regarding body type and the display of flesh, it’s kind of like spandex. There are maybe a half dozen women per thousand that should ever go out in public wearing spandex. Like it or not it’s just the reality of the situation.

    Then again I wouldn’t encourage a teenager that can’t play guitar to start a rock band in the garage either.

    This is the same principle for which you’ll never catch me on the beach in a pair of Speedo’s. Regardless of how flattering my wife is on date night. It just aint right.

  8. […] it’s all over the Internet.  I say, if you have it, flaunt it!  At least, it’s not cleavage!  I’m just wondering if “Michelle Obama arms” will have a place in history just like […]

    • Chris Says:

      I teach a recitation, where three girls attended today. One was showing cleavage. In order to teach this girl, I must look at her when addressing her questions and comments. She also had her arms under her boobs some of the time, so when she moved them, her boobs bulged.

      How the heck am I suppose to ignore this. This woman is over 21 yet younger than me (out of my age range to date), plus she is a student. Having said that, ladies please understand the affects these shapes have on men. Please! I ingored them as best as I could. But out of the many times she had a question, or I turned to enguage the students, I could still see them within my field of vision. One, fighting my innate desire to look is difficult, and can become unpleasant in an adrenal sense. Automatically, my area is triggered to react. I am not saying I have a full reaction, but my blood flows differently due to the chemical changes induced in me. Any man who denys this truth is cruel to other men. So now that I am grown up, now that I have character, and look for character in women. Most are beautiful, so I generally will be attracted to them and this is not an issue. Man o’ man, women have a monopoly on guys these days when they can get away with this toying. It is truely something to get angry about because it is only my angre which if I were allowed to demonstrate which would protect me from this physical unwanted arousal. Women, please tell me you understand this part of men! It is crucial. Thank you for any desent reply’s. And thank for the article.

  9. […] I just received an interesting reply from a guy about a post I had written a while back  called, “Cleavage–NOT OK for Work!” […]

  10. Lisa Says:

    I hope we are taking like the picture because I have a rather large chest so my chest is hard to cover, shirts that shouldn’t show cleavage for most do for me. But I’m not saying half of my chest is sticking out or anything.

    Guess it really doesn’t matter since I work at home hehe.

  11. Hey, Lisa, if you’re got it, flaunt it, and home is probably a good place to do that – – or out on the town, especially for night-time, special dates, but I’m just saying . . . not at work, especially if you work in a school! He he!

  12. Lisa Says:

    I guess my problem is with the clothing designers who decided if you have big boobs you want to show them off. I don’t really know how I would work at a school. Guess I would have a very limited closet.

    Of course there are many other reasons I shouldn’t and don’t want to teach so guess it doesn’t matter for me but I feel bad for the women who do have to worry about it. Of course you can normally pick out the women who are trying to cover up but just can’t find clothes that work for them and the ones like the one in your picture that just think everyone needs to see them. 😉

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