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Sunday Stroll: Wild & Wooly February 22, 2009

This past February vacation week from school has been a time of wild and wooly weather: one minute nice enough to walk on the beach with the next moment bringing a sudden snow squall.



One of my nicest strolls this week included a walk through a friend’s vibrant greenhouse:


For the rest of that stroll, click here on a “Breath of Spring.”

I’ve pretty much been a posting maniac this past week, so if you interested in “strolling” through any of these subjects, just click!

“If You Don’t Like the Weather, Wait a Minute!”

“Aloha Friday!”

“Think Outside the Bottle!”

“Recycling CFL’s”

“Cleavage–NOT OK for Work!”

“New Meme for My Valentine”

“Free Rice”

“February Give-Away”

Happy Strolling this Sunday and back to school tomorrow.  I’ll be busy today preparing a workshop for teachers, which I’m due to present at 8 am tomorrow!  Vacation over!

Now that school’s back in session, I know I won’t have much time to post, so enjoy the day —and enjoy the week—whatever the weather brings!  I hear there’s more rain and snow in store for us later today!

To enjoy other Sunday Strolls today, vist the Quiet Country House.


4 Responses to “Sunday Stroll: Wild & Wooly”

  1. Cloudhands Says:

    You have done exceedingly wonderful on your blog this week. I loved your valentine answers. My favorite island would be any magical fictional place such as Avalon as in Mist of. I’ve been to the Free Rice site several times. I never buy bottled water. And, your greenhouse pictures were vibrant and refreshing, especially the pretty fish. You can get back to work knowing you edified and delighted some folks.

  2. Cloudhands~you are SO sweet! I find myself preferring blogging, when I should really be doing some real work!

    Love your choice of islands! You should do the “Valentine Meme” with your honey!

    Happy strolling!


  3. Aisling Says:


    Your friend’s greenhouse is marvelous! I was just saying this morning that instead of adding a deck on the back of our house as we have always planned, I would like to add a conservatory. We can’t really do it (too pricey) but it is a nice dream. Your friend’s greenhouse is just what I’m picture – tropical blossoms in February… color, warmth, even the beautiful serene swimming of the koi. Just perfect! I’m so glad you shared.

  4. Nan Says:

    What a treat to see that color!!! Thank you.

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