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“Michelle Obama Arms” March 2, 2009

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I guess I wasn’t the only one who noticed our first lady’s now trademark bare arms at last week’s presidential address.  I remarked to my husband that she was dressed a bit informally with “no sleeves,” while others had jackets and ties on.  Also, it’s winter!

Now, it’s a cause for debate.  While checking the weather this morning, I heard Michelle’s bare arms being discussed on ABC news and it’s all over the Internet.  I say, if you have it, flaunt it!  At least, it’s not cleavage!  I’m just wondering if  someday “Michelle Obama arms” will have a place in history just like “Bette Davis eyes?”

What’s your take on the “right to bare arms?”


5 Responses to ““Michelle Obama Arms””

  1. Nate Says:

    Who is Bette Davis???

  2. Ruth Says:

    Oh, Nate, she’s probably way too old for you to remember or know of her. Stevie Nicks sang a song, “she’s got Bette Davis eyes,” who was known for brilliantly blue, piercing eyes.

    I guess I wish I had “Michelle Obama Arms.” Something to work on . . .

  3. Green Mamma Says:

    Strong arms, in my opinion, are a visual reminder that she is a strong woman.

    I like it, and you know what, maybe Michelle Obama’s physicality will raise awareness that physically strong, muscular, and curvy women are physically attractive, and that the waif ideal of past is dwindling in popularity and attractiveness.

  4. Green Mamma~~I agree! She is a great role model, a strong woman, indeed. I’m much rather our young girls admire a strong woman, in body and soul, than a waif-like model.

  5. […] the Riveter” garb.  Of course it also made me think of my earlier post re:  those awesome arms.   At any rate, I think it captures the true spirit of Moms everywhere who have that “can […]

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