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One Green Thing # 3, 4 & 5! March 7, 2009

OK, I’ve been shirking my responsibility again . . . instead of posting, I’ve been working!  So, let me catch up with my plan to post “One Green Thing” each day.

“One Green Thing #3”

Use cloth napkins instead of paper! 

Abbie over at the Farmer’s Daughter got me doing this and, besides saving on trees and keeping waste out of our landfills, it also feels quite elegant!  I now pack a cloth napkin for my lunch at school and it feels just a little bit “ritsy!”

“One Green Thing #4”

Ban store-bought bottled water and bottle your own! 

Click here for more on that!  Take the “Think Outside the Bottle Pledge!”

“One Green Thing # 5”

Plan one waste-free day!

It may take some planning, but plan one day where you accumulate NO waste at all.  I’m working on that; will post more later!


4 Responses to “One Green Thing # 3, 4 & 5!”

  1. You’re making some progress!!!

    I’m a big fan of the cloth napkin and carry one in my purse. Of course, sometimes I just can’t avoid the paper ones.

    Off to my field trip…

  2. Kayla Says:

    I like the idea of a waste-free day. I will have to try that! Not to get too graphic, but what about using the restroom?! I’m hoping that is excluded.

  3. Jena Says:

    All great ideas. Interested to hear more about the waste-free day. That sounds like a challenge to me!

  4. Ruth Says:

    Kayla and Jena~I have to admit maybe I haven’t thought the whole, entire waste-free day through yet, as Kayla brings up a good point re: toilet waste. That being said, perhaps this particular week isn’t the best week for me to start!

    Although, there certainly are options. Our good, green friend, Crunchy Chicken, is a strong proponent of cloth wipes for bathroom use as well as the “Diva Cup.” I must admit, I might just “not be that into it” or motivated at this point. I was definitely thinking about all the excess wrap on items, garbage, etc. I will definitely be choosing a day next week to go waste-free, sans the intimate bathroom waste issue!

    Hope I didn’t get too graphic on you!

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