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Happy First Day of Spring!!! March 20, 2009

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Spring has finally officially arrived, but it doesn’t feel like it here!

The temperature is supposed to go into the mid-40’s (F) today . . . still kind of “brrrr……”

What’s it like in your “neck of the woods” on this first day of spring?


12 Responses to “Happy First Day of Spring!!!”

  1. Misty Says:

    Still waiting for the magic! Sun is out but in the shade my thermometer still claims 27 degrees. Happy spring day to you too!

  2. Jena Says:

    It is cold here too, the newly formed puddles in the driveway are icy this morning. Sunny and otherwise pleasant though.

  3. Eileen Says:

    Hi! I introduced myself on your daughter’s birthday blog post and thought I would stop by and read your blog too.

    Here in California we are expecting partly sunny skies with the temperature reaching 72. Looks like it is time to plant my summer bulbs!

    Have a nice first day of spring!

  4. Misty, Jena, and Eileen~
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Eileen~I bet we’re all just a little envious of your warmer temps!

    Happy weekend, everyone!

  5. Cloudhands Says:

    It’s a lovely day today here in Tennessee. It’s only in the 50’s but the sun is warm and the early blooming trees are putting on their spring show. The birds are getting frisky and the fellows are chasing their sweeties around the feeders. All in all a joy and a delight.

  6. We’ve got torrential rains right now.

  7. Aisling Says:

    Our first day of spring was about 36 degrees F. Snow fell on and off all day. I woke today to 2 inches of snow! Sheesh!
    But, on a positive note, a little iris in my butterfly garden has a soft purple bloom getting ready to unfold… probably on the next sunny day. Now there is something to celebrate!

    Happy, happy spring to you, Ruth!

  8. Green Mamma Says:

    Not to rub it in, but our first day and weekend of spring have been welcoming and warm. I am really hoping to get outside this week and start planting (I am terrible at seeding, though my mother tells me that farming is in our blood. Oh well, I’m good at planting and keeping my plants alive anyway . . .).

    But, I just posted for the Sunday Stroll; much of what is blooming around my house just happens to be behind our house “in the woods.”

    Anyway, happy Spring Ruth!

  9. Crunch~I do hope the sun comes out for you soon! I’d heard about those torrential rains!

    Aisling~you always do find the positive in everything, don’t you? That’s what I love about you!

    Green Mamma~YES, we are jealous of your warm weather! Can’t wait to visit DC in April for a conference that I’m attending, but perhaps it’ll be just a little bit nicer here by then, too. Will check out your Sunday Stroll pronto!

  10. Pat Says:

    It was starting to look like spring over the weekend, with some spring flower popping up, until the deer decided to consume them. Someone need to tell them spring is here!

  11. Yeah, and someone might tell Mother Nature, too. It is WAY too COLD here at the moment to really be spring!

    Great to hear from you Pat!

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