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Out of the Mouths of Babes! March 22, 2009

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Earlier this week, here’s an excerpt from a conversation at school . . .

Cute little, precocious, second-grade girl, bundled up in a white fur coat on her way out to recess:  Mrs. R _ _ _, why are you wearing “Barbie Doll shoes” in winter?

Me (holding back laughter): Well, spring officially begins on Friday, but my feet have decided it’s spring already!


You never know what’s going to come out of the mouths of children; that’s why I love spending my days with them.  Yes, I had treated myself to a pedicure in anticipation of spring and was wearing these sandals, which forever in my mind will now be my “Barbie doll shoes.”  (The real reason I purchased them?—-because I knew they would be comfortable for my w-i-d-e  feet.  I just love “thongs!”—on my feet, that is!

Perhaps I should have said that I was celebrating Barbie’s 50 birthday as well?  Fortunately, that glamorous girl has changed a little bit over the years, especially in widening of career options and a tiny bit more reasonable body measurements!


I did own that very first Barbie myself, and I think my daughter had just about everyone after that!

Eatable Barbie doll

Happy 50th Barbie . . . you go, girl!  And happy Spring and sandal weather to you all!


2 Responses to “Out of the Mouths of Babes!”

  1. That last picture reminds me of the Barbie birthday cake you made for me.

    Only you would wear those skimpy shoes on such a cold day! Were you driving with the top down, too???

  2. Ruth Says:

    Abbie, I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I posted that Barbie doll picture! Remember the year I made your THREE Barbie Doll Wedding Dress Cakes for three different parties? What a labor of love!

    Re: the top, perhaps . . . but I had gloves on and the heat, too!

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