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Bursting with Pride! March 28, 2009

It’s not a secret that Abbie over at Farmer’s Daughter is my daughter in real life!  That being said, can I brag just a little?


Abbie was recently recognized as a “Woman Taking the Lead to Save our Planet” by the League of Women Voters.   She was honored at a  reception where she was lauded for all her efforts in Environmental Education as well as how she lives her everyday life as a role model for her students, family, and community.  Read all about by clicking here.


I couldn’t help but notice that,  of the small group of six women honored, Abbie was by far the youngest.  Other recipients were about twice her age, so I can’t help but think this is just the beginning of great things for Abbie!  So proud of you, honey!


3 Responses to “Bursting with Pride!”

  1. Well done to Abbie, and well done to you for supporting and encouraging her along the way.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Congrats to Abbie! And thanks to you for raising such a great daughter!

  3. Ruth Says:

    Imelda and Lisa~

    Thank you both for your very kind comments. Of course, I didn’t raise Abbie alone. My husband (“the Farmer”) has been a wonderful influence on all of our children.

    Actually, I do believe I’ve learned MORE from Abbie than vice versa!

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