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Sunday Stroll to the River: Searching for Spring… April 5, 2009

It’s still brisk and windy around these parts, but the sun is beginning to shine through today.  Not as warm as most of us would like spring to be yet!


Our Old English Sheepdog, Eddie, and our Golden Retriever, Duke, are always willing companions on a walk through the orchards and farm down to the river.  No matter the temp, they always jump in for a quick swim . . . and a huge drink!


On the way, we spied emerald ferns pushing through the leaves on the forest floor.


Springtime is also pruning time in the apple orchard.  Here, dwarf Red Delicious trees are getting ready to bear fruit, after a healthy pruning.


Purple flowers–probably weeds–dot the ground under the peach trees.


A pair of mallards swim in the pond.


Duke can’t resist a swim in the pond, too, which is greening up with algae and the banks around it show more green than gray, too.


Buds on the magnolia tree are swelling, giving hope for the pearly/pink flowers to come.


Tulips crop up, here and there.


After one final dip, Eddie and Duke drag themselves out of the river and up the bank for a run home!

As we’re still searching for color outside, I just couldn’t resist sharing these vibrant colors from a friend’s greenhouse earlier this week . . .


Piercing pink and purple hydrangeas, my all-time favorite . . . and. . .

darling, little petunias, planted in egg shells.  How cute is that?


To see who else is strolling for signs of spring, please visit the Quiet Country House.


12 Responses to “Sunday Stroll to the River: Searching for Spring…”

  1. As always, Duke and Eddie are my favorite part 🙂

  2. Abbie~
    Come stroll with us whenever you like! Duke and Eddie always like the company!

  3. Aisling Says:

    Your dogs bring so much vitality to this photo-story of your search for spring. I loved it!

    The “purple flowers – probably weeds” look like ajuga to me. I have it in my butterfly garden and do not weed it out. It makes a pretty ground cover. I think of it as a wildflower, rather than a weed. 🙂

    It looks like your spring is a bit further along than ours. How pretty to see a preview of the weeks ahead, by visiting your blog.

  4. Cloudhands Says:

    I think you suceeded in finding spring. Such a pleasant stroll. I love the energy of the dogs that remind us to celebrate every day with some fun.
    If your purple flowers have a square stem and the leaves taste of mint it isprobably a mint called Heal-all or Self-heal and is therefore a herb, once used as a restorative.
    On the other hand Aisling may have nailed it as ajuga. I have discovered she is very wise in the garden as well as in life generally.
    The little petunias are so cute.

  5. margaret Says:

    Your world is waking up! Love the brave dogs–amazed by their tolerance for cold water.
    The greenhouse photos are a reminder that eventually planting out season will arrive….can’t wait!

  6. Green Mamma Says:

    Gorgeous hydrangeas. I love the color.

  7. Ruth Says:

    Thanks, everyone! I knew if I posted that pix of the purple ground cover in the orchards, one or more of our gardening experts would come to my rescue in naming it! I’ll give it a closer look, now that Ailing and Cloudhands have put me on the right track.

    Margaret and Cloudhands~Yes, our four-legged friends do know how to live and we could learn a lot of life lessons from them. I know, Margaret, that your Jewel and Ruth have that same kind of fun around your lakes!

    Green Mamma~I just LOVE hydrangeas, too! I’m hoping mine (outside) will come back this year and be something a little close to these vibrant ones in the greenhouse right now.

    Happy Sunday everyone . . . and happy week ahead!

  8. Kayla Says:

    I’m in Italy and I am safe!

    That is so weird though, you’re comment was the first of my e-mails I read this morning and the weird thing is that around 11 PM last night, I SWEAR I felt the floor shake. I asked my roommates, but only one other person had, and we didn’t hear anything outside so we just thought maybe a large truck had driven by or something. But wow, and earthquake! I had no idea! It was pretty far away from where I am in Florence, but I guess the tremors can go far?

    Thank you for asking!! 🙂

  9. Mibsy Says:

    Last night, after posting my Sunday Stroll, I made a quick visit to your blog, and as soon as I saw your photos (especially that magnolia!), I knew you must live in my neck of the woods. Looks like we’re in for another cool and drizzly week! Oh well, April showers bring May flowers! 🙂

  10. Kayla~

    Thank you SO MUCH for responding here and for e-mailing. I was so concerned about you upon hearing of the earthquake in Italy (not knowing your exact whereabouts), which kept getting worse with each report! I was so happy to hear from you so soon. Just call me a “second Mom!” I can only imagine how your real Mom felt!

    So nice to meet a neighbor in the blogosphere! I felt that must be the case when I saw the beautiful photos on your site that were eerily familiar with stage of bloom, but also that river that could have been in my backyard! I’ll be back to visit soon!

  11. Michelle Says:

    Found your blog through Aisha’s. Your picture of the old english sheepdog made me happy. I grew up with one. Sheepdogs are just SO sweet aren’t they?

    I’m searching for spring here in Colorado too! I hope it arrives soon:-)

  12. Ruth Says:

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Sheepdogs surely do have their very own personality! My husband grew up with one and insisted we get another. Eddie is kind of in his “grumpy old man” phase of life, while Duke, the Golden, is still in puppyhood. They balance each other out and are great company! Eddie loves cold, windy days when the hair blows away from his eyes and he can see!

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