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Easter Sunday Stroll April 12, 2009


Finally . . . forsythia!!!


After a delectable Easter Sunday Brunch, cooked up by the Farmer’s Daughter, we took a Sunday Stroll . . .


The “Farmer” and the “Farmer’s Daughter” discuss how to best prune her new apple trees.


Ed and Duke assist in the process.


A beautiful gift of my favorite pansies from our daughter, aka “The Farmer’s Daughter.”

Our stroll was cut short by the raw temperatures and blustery winds today.  A very cold Easter Sunday!


Back on our farm, peach blossoms are just beginning to swell.

Sightings of the Easter Bunny . . .



Oh, this must be where the real Easter Bunny hides out after all his deliveries!

To see who else is strolling on Easter Sunday, visit the Quiet Country House.


7 Responses to “Easter Sunday Stroll”

  1. Kayla Says:

    Aww, what a cute bunny! And Duke looks VERY helpful when it comes to the pruning!

  2. Ruth Says:

    That bunny is probably a cross between a wild rabbit and a domestic one and it seems to enjoy hanging around the farm buildings. Oh, I mean, it’s the Easter Bunny!

  3. Aisling Says:

    All the photos are great, but the Easter Bunny steals the show! So cute, and his timing is excellent! 🙂

  4. Glad the forsythia are finally open! They look great!

    Did Dukie chase the Easter bunny?

  5. Ruth Says:

    Aisling~Thanks for your comments!

    Abbie~No, Dukie did NOT chase the bunny! He didn’t even see it! He was SO happy to spend Easter morning with you, plus he respects the Easter Bunny because he brings him treats!

  6. Jena Says:

    Aww, it looks like you guys had a great holiday. It was really cold here too, I was glad we were gone all day so I didn’t have to work outside much. Nothing is up in my garden yet but that is probably for the best since we’ve had hard frosts the last few nights.

  7. Eileen Says:

    That Easter Bunny looks like he’s hiding from the cold!!!! 🙂 The forsythia look so pretty! Out here they bloom in February!

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