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Guess who I saw today!?! April 24, 2009

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Here’s a hint:

  • He’s extremely cute, he lives in the White House, and he has 4 legs!

When walking past the White House today (after a long day at meetings at the D.C. Convention Center), we spied Bo, the first dog!

As a few colleagues and I were walking past the president’s residence, I said that I could picture Bo on the lawn . . . and then, voila!  There he was, a normal puppy who was jumping up on people, with his short, curly, black coat and gleaming white chest.  It looked like he was practicing to sit on command, but he’s a normal, rambunctious puppy!

If  you look really carefully, in the doorway, I believe the man in the white shirt is the first dog’s owner, Obama himself!

I have been at the most incredible education convention in D.C., where 15,000 educators who feel passionately about mathematics and their students have converged on this historic location.  I’ve spent time with one of the real gurus of Math education, Marilyn Burns, and I got to talk with her in person today, after attending a talk she did for 2,500 people!


Here’s the view from my room:


And here’s the Washington Monument up close:


And here it is, with a wonderful reflection in the Reflecting Pool:


And here it is at night . . .


Lots more pix to come, but it’s already tomorrow and I have a very early morning session!


One Response to “Guess who I saw today!?!”

  1. […] We also had to take advantage of such a vibrant, historic city.  I soon ditched my heels for sneakers as we logged 12-15 miles on foot each day, back and forth to the convention center, exhibits, hotels . . . but also to the wonderful historic and cultural sights around the city.  I even got a glimpse of the first pooch at the White House.  If you missed my earlier post on Bo Obama,  click here. […]

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