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Sunday Stroll: Too Much Rain!!! June 14, 2009

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It’s been raining pretty much straight for a week now.  Although we have lush, green surroundings, I’m wondering if it’s ever going to stop!


My “Rose of Sharon” bushes have grown by leaps and bounds with all of the rain.


My New Guinea Impatiens are enjoying the shade provided by the Rose of Sharons.


My Begonias have been absolutely crushed by the torrents of rain . . .


Green tomatoes are set and I’m hoping they won’t rot due to all the wetness.


Geraniums (never my favorite due to their “fragrance”) do provide a pretty pink contrast to all the green foliage around . . .


All in all, it’s great weather for ducks, but I could use some sun soon!


To see who else is strolling this Sunday, visit the Quiet Country House.


6 Responses to “Sunday Stroll: Too Much Rain!!!”

  1. Aisling Says:

    I hope that sun comes out soon. Just imagine how things will grow and blossom when it does!

    Have you tried rose scented geraniums? I just love that fragrance, though I have to admit I have only grown them a few times myself. I am just realizing that I have not yet planted my usual big planter for the front porch… which is where I’ve grown geraniums a few times. Yours are very pretty!

    So glad you strolled despite the rain!

  2. Haha! I love the duck!!! As soon as the pool warms up I’m coming over for a swim 🙂

  3. Cloudhands Says:

    Little Ducky Duddle went wading in a puddle, went wading in a puddle quite small. He said, it really doesn’t matter how much I splash and splatter, I’m only a ducky after all.
    It is nice to see Ducky is visiting you.
    We have also had enormous rains and storms here in Tennessee and I’m ready to dry out a little.

  4. Green Mamma Says:

    Beautiful stroll. Love the duck, 🙂 Is your pool open yet?

  5. I hope the rain stops soon and you have some warm, sunny days.

  6. Lisa Says:

    Very pretty and I love the duck picture. 🙂

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