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Aloha Friday #10 June 19, 2009

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Friday is here again, so that means it’s time for . . .

My “Aloha Friday” question this week is: 


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10 Responses to “Aloha Friday #10”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Oh, for me, it’s a lot of educational texts and journals on educational theory and leadership with a measure of blogs thrown into the mix for fun!

  2. Drahdrah Says:

    Mostly blogs !!! Have not read an actual book in years.

  3. Jena Says:

    I’m reading Fast Food Nation right now. I’ve just started so I’m not really in to it yet. Like you, I’m also enjoying quite a few blogs lately.

  4. Susan Says:

    An Invisible Sign of My Own by Aimee Bender…and while I have enjoyed her short stories (very unique writer), I am not particularly enjoying the book.

  5. Green Mamma Says:

    I just picked up some neat homeschooling/preschool books on science experimentation at the goodwill. Annabelle and I are conducting our experiments as we speak, 🙂 More on that to come this week . . .

  6. Jenn Says:

    Hi. I just LOVE your blog! It is so inspiring. My book may sound boring, but I am reading Animal-Assisted Interventions for Individuals with Autism. I’m a child therapist and want to incorporate my love of animals into the work that I do with kids. It is so amazing to watch how positively the animals affect the children in therapy. It truly makes my heart so happy to see!!

    • Jenn~
      Thanks so much for your kind comment!

      As a teacher, I’ve worked with a lot of kids with Autism–on all phases of the PDD spectrum. I’ve also found therapy dogs to be very beneficial to all of our students. Right now, we have a “reading dog” in our elementary school. It took all kinds of training and approvals to get it going, but the benefits to our students is HUGE!

      I’d love to hear more about your work!


  7. chris Says:

    does blogs count?

    anyway, i am also reading Do Hard Things

  8. The Vanishing Face of Gaia

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