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Annabelle’s Sister’s Baby June 24, 2009

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OK, don’t get too excited just yet.  Annabelle hasn’t had her foal yet, but her sister recently had a new baby!


How cute is she?  We’re just imagining what Annabelle’s baby will look like because she and her sister look so similar.

Annabelle’s biological family lives in Michigan, but she’s got a huge “adoptive” family here.

Here is Annabelle’s niece, who also lives with a menagerie of “adoptive” family members.  She’s meeting a buffalo for the first time . . .


Here’s a baby zebra who lives on that farm in Michigan.  How adorable!  I understand he’s for sale . . . any takers?


I wouldn’t be surprised if he pops up on our farm sometime soon.

It’s so much fun to see very different species of animals getting along together so well.  Too bad people aren’t the same!

What are YOUR favorite animals?  What kinds of pets join you in your day?


5 Responses to “Annabelle’s Sister’s Baby”

  1. jen Kusmierz Says:

    You should see the menagerie of animals he’s out with. There are minature donkey’s Texas Longhorn’s (they are yearling’s) Percheron’s, Shire’s, and a Scottish Highlander. People stop to take pics and say I can’t believe they all get along. Our reply is always why wouldn’t they as long as there is enough food and water they enjoy each other’s company. Could you imagine a world like that? Oh yeah and there is a male peacock we rescued someone neglected him in the winter so his feet are frostbit one almost all the way off. He’s retired here and has the run of they place….. It’s Noah’s Ark… you guys really need that zebra colt he would be so cute playing with annabelle’s foal… :} LOL

    • Jen~

      That does sound like Noah’s ark! What a beautiful sight that must be! You surely are an animal-loving person!

      People stop by our farm all the time, too, to take pictures and to marvel at how different animals get along, living together, large and small.

      So, how would a young zebra do in cold New England winters? Just wondering . . .

  2. Green Mamma Says:

    Even though we don’t have a dog, they are among my favorite of animals. Now, that said, I think it would be brilliant for you all to get a zebra. I would definitely peak in for a visit with a zebra (and the Roses too of course!).

  3. mallon Says:

    he we are looking for a baby zebra to purchase if you still have them available please do email us with more info and pictures as well.

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