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Happy 4th!!! July 4, 2009

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Hope it’s a fun day for you, whatever you might be doing!

Last night, we watched some great fireworks (which were shot off from a barge on the Sound) with friends, which was wonderful.

It’s amazing that the show went on, after a severe summer thunder-and-lightning storm, which threw torrents of rain just hours before.  The sky looked like ominous, as we raced to get the horses, including Annabelle and her new baby, Isabelle,  into the barn.  We—and them—got soaked to the bone, then we listened to the thunder and watched the lightning spark all around us, from the safety of the horses’ stalls.

The horizon right after the storm.

The horizon right after the storm.


Oh. . . I found this pretty mermaid in our pool . . . might you know her?



2 Responses to “Happy 4th!!!”

  1. Yikes! I’m getting a new suit… that one’s a little risque from that angle…

  2. Green Mamma Says:

    Happy 4th! What a beautiful horizon, and of course, a beautiful mermaid too, 🙂

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