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If you don’t like the weather . . . July 9, 2009

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“If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute . . . “

Isn’t that the old adage for weather in New England?  That could never be more true than what we’ve experienced  lately.  The other night, around midnight, we had HAIL…


(I took pix because I figured my sleeping family would never believe it!)

. . . which turned into a perfectly beautiful—pool or beach—day the next morning!




2 Responses to “If you don’t like the weather . . .”

  1. Jena Says:

    Your weather does sound weird. Have you managed to get much hay off yet? We have one 20 acre field that we started to cut a long time ago and parts of it were ready to cut again before the whole thing was cut once. Brian just finished that this week. Our weather has been unpredictable – sometimes 80s and beach weather, sometimes 70s and chilly.

  2. We’ve got about 1/2 of our first cuttings in, but it’s very late. How many cuttings do you get where you are?

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