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Another Reason I LOVE This Guy!!! July 11, 2009

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Here’s just another reason I really love my guy . . .


Can you see it?


How about now?



Okay, here it is . . . this guy of mine can handle two tons of workhorses like they’re nothing.  He’s so much braver than me.  I’m pretty sure they respect him. . . or perhaps they think he’s one of them.  See how nicely this team walks together?

On the other hand, he can be the most gentle, soft-spoken guy around new babies, whether it’s a newborn filly . .



or a new puppy. . .


 How a man treats animals says a lot about him, don’t you think?

Our family of animals clearly adore my dear hubby, as do I.  After celebrating 32 years of marriage with him recently, I’m so happy that I still find new reasons to love him more every day!  (Oh, did I mention that I was a child bride?)



9 Responses to “Another Reason I LOVE This Guy!!!”

  1. Jena Says:

    Lol (about the child bride). Hmmm.

    Looks like you guys have a great marriage! Congrats on the recent milestone! Any advice for someone approaching her first anniversary who occasionally gets fed up with her husband? 😉

    • Probably home asleep. YOu know it’s harder for our (very old) Old English Sheepdog to get up now. YOur dear Dad has to lift him up every morning to go out, which he does gentley to allow dear Eddie his dignity.

  2. Jena~
    Actually, I do believe absence makes the heart grow fonder! The less we see each other, the more we appreciate each other. We’re each so busy with our own commitments in life and work, but we do support each other in what’s important to each of us. My husband supported the idea of me going back to school (even challenged me to do it!) and I support his menagerie of backhoes, bulldozers, excavators (even when I don’t see the point of getting another one!) and his menagerie of animals, which I enjoy, too.

    And whoever said we never get “fed up” with each other? I’m sure that has happened frequently, too, over the years!

  3. Aisling Says:

    Ruth, Great photo essay. I loved every photo and the progression told a great story of a man and his farm. Wonderful!

  4. Aunt Sara Says:

    Anyone who pretends to have a perfect marraige is lying to you.

    in actuality, good marriages take serious work! But are certainly worth it. I have been married for 31 years, one less than Ruth. And we continue to work at it. But it does work!

    • Well said, Sara!

      Jena~ Abbie’s “Aunt Sara” does know what she’s talking about!

      Sara~do hope you don’t mind that I included that adorable little puppy of yours in my pix of your brother!


  5. […] My guy and “our baby” Isabelle, now four weeks old.  She just LOVES to have her neck scratched . . . […]

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