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The Big, The Little, and The “In-Between” July 27, 2009

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Another photo in the “cute” department . . .

Our baby filly, Isabelle, is now officially taller than our 18-year-old miniature horse, Whinny.  Although, actually, I think Baby Belle was actually already bigger than Whinny on the day she was born!

Although “petite,” (can you say that for an animal that’s as big around as she is tall?  I guess so b/c we do for people!), Whinny has the BIGGEST attitude and has been known to boss the huge workhorses around!

Do you have animals with an attitude?  Do share . . .


3 Responses to “The Big, The Little, and The “In-Between””

  1. Jena Says:

    Aww, they make such a cute trio!!

    Our cat has a pretty big attitude. He is one of those cats that acts just like a person. You can tell exactly what he’s thinking just by looking in his eyes. For example, right now he is grooming himself, sprawling out on top of the rabbit cage in the bay window. He is patiently waiting for me to look the other way so he can come and sip out of my cereal bowl. Most of all, he can hardly wait for me to pick up my knitting or a book so he can insist on plopping down on my neck or in my face so I can’t see anything!! He is such a pain and yet we love him so much. Life just wouldn’t be the same without his 13# body standing just so on your full stomach while you try to see past him and catch the best part of your favorite TV show. At least your mini doesn’t get to come in the house! 🙂

  2. Jena~ Ha! ha! Thanks for describing your cat so vividly! I can just picture that!

    You always know what he’s thinking, but does he talk? Our animals all have voices (crazy, I know!) and we say (in their voice) of course, exactly what they’re thinking. It’s usually stuff that we could never get away with saying ourselves, but, hey, it wasn’t us . . . it was the dog or the horse or the goat, etc.

    No, our mini doesn’t have house privileges, but we have friends in Colorado who had a baby buffalo (name Annabelle) who would let herself into the house. Don’t know exactly how that worked out when she grew up! We’ve loved the name Annabelle ever since!

    I bet you cat and dog have conversations with each other!!!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Aw how cute!!

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