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“Red, Light, and Blue” July 30, 2009

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OK,  just a bunch of regular guys getting together over a beer at the White House tonight. . . wonder what they’re drinking?

I have it from a reliable source–White House press secretary Robert Gibbs– that President Obama will be drinking Bud Light, Harvard Prof. Skip Gates will have a Red Stripe, and Cambridge Cop James Crowley will be downing a Blue Moon.

Red, Light, and Blue, how American, just like apple pie . . . and beer?  Just couldn’t resist . . .

But, what does that tell you about the three guys?  I really can’t stand the taste of beer and can vividly remember a sip of a Red Stripe while in Jamaica . . . warm, even, because our good friends, who live in the beautiful,  Blue Mountains, didn’t have refrigeration at that time.  Bud Light?  That’s my DH’s brew of choice and never heard of Blue Moon, other than from a song.

Update after the fact:  Latest reports say that Gates changed his choice to “Sam Adams Light,” and VP Biden joined the group, imbibing a non-alcoholic “Buckler,” so there goes my “Red, Light, and Blue.”  More like “Light, Light, and Blue,” but, hey, at least Sam Adams is patriotic, right?

Still, I give Biden credit for going “sans alcohol.”  What kind of message was a “Beer Truce” anyway?

I’m sure the media will have a hayday with this.  Just hope a meaningful conversation gets started for a lot of people . . . and from what I’m hearing, the woman who called the cops in the first place is feeling left out!  Just saying . . .

Oh, I just heard their families are attending, too……….Let’s hope there’s some wine and lemonade, too!


2 Responses to ““Red, Light, and Blue””

  1. Green Mamma Says:

    Oh what I would do for a glass of red wine these day, 🙂 I’m going to pop open a bottle and celebrate (barring no complications) once I give birth . . . 2 more weeks!

    As for beer, I’m with you. Yuck!

  2. Green Mamma~
    You do deserve to celebrate! Let us know when the BIG day arrives and we’ll celebrate along with you!!!

    All the best to you, your hubby, and dear Annabelle, as you await the monumentus day!


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