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Fun with Tractors! August 10, 2009

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Living on a farm, tractors are usually connected to work, but this past weekend our boys had a little fun with their antique tractor!

Jonathan and Nathaniel entered their 1955 Ford 960, which they restored themselves to pretty pristine condition (if I do say so myself), in an Antique Tractor Pull at our town’s annual summer Corn & Potato Festival.

Jon was successful pulling more than 5,000 lbs. in the first round, pulling wheelies all the way.  (Note to guys:  aren’t “wheelie bars” in order for next time?)

In checking out the other antique tractors there,  I noticed they had all kinds of contraptions.  There were old Olivers, Farm-alls, and of course, John Deeres.  Ours was the only Ford there.


The guys were checking out their competition . . .


It was a beautiful, sunny, summer day.  There are always interesting sites at a fair that add to the festivities.  Here’s a take-off on your typical John Deere logo, which drew a bit of attention. (Actually, this “T” might be “R” rated!)


There were a few women drivers in the crowd, too, which was great to see!


Some of the “extras” on the tractors, like banners and paint jobs,  were quite spectatular. . .


I know my guys are scheming for the next round of Tractor Pulls, figuring how they can make their antique a little more high-tech!  It was so much fun to watch, remembering my boys on their pedal toy tractors as kids, now all grown up, but always kids at heart!




2 Responses to “Fun with Tractors!”

  1. You beat me with that video!

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